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Long Distance Transport Of Calves – UK to Spain. Where EU Regulations Fail For Animal Protection.

Published on 24 Jun 2011

Many of these exported calves will be reared in conditions that would be illegal in the UK.

Sheep exported for slaughter often travel in cramped trucks, sometimes with failed water tanks and ventilation systems.

Some of these animals may die during their dreadful journey.

USA: IMPORTANT – FDA Recalls Dog Food Brands Because of Vitamin D Toxicity Risks – SERIOUS !




Warning: FDA Recalls 9 Dog Food Brands for Vitamin D Toxicity Risk

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall of several dry dog foods that may contain toxic levels of vitamin D.


Below is a full list of recalled products:

·         Ahold Delhaize

Nature’s Promise Chicken & Brown Rice Dog Food

UPC 068826718472 – 14 lb. bag

All lot codes

UPC 068826718471 – 28 lb. bag

All lot codes

UPC 068826718473 – 4 lb. bag

All lot codes


Nature’s Place Real Country Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food

UPC 72543998959 – 5 lb. bag

All lot codes

UPC 72543998960 – 15 lb. bag

All lot codes


·         Kroger (12/5/18)

Abound Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food

UPC 11110-83556 – 4 lb. bag

All lot codes


·         King Soopers (12/5/18)

Abound Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food

 UPC 11110-83556 – 4 lb. bag

All lot codes

UPC 11110-83573 – 14 lb. bag

All lot codes

UPC 11110-89076 – 24 lb. bag

All lot codes


·         ELM Pet Foods, Inc. (11/29/18)

 ELM Chicken and Chickpea Recipe

 UPC 0-70155-22507-8 – 3 lb. bag

D2 26 FEB 2019

TE1 30 APR 2019

TD1 5 SEP 2019

TD2 5 SEP 2019

UPC 0-70155-22513-9 – 28 lb. bag

TB3 6 APR 2019

TA1 2 JULY 2019

TI1 2 JULY 2019


ELM K9 Naturals Chicken Recipe

UPC 0-70155-22522-9 – 40 lb. bag

TB3 14 Sep 2019

TA2 22 Sep 2019

TB2 11 Oct 2019


·         ANF, Inc. (11/28/18)

ANF Lamb and Rice Dry Dog Food

UPC 9097231622 – 3 kg bag

Best by Nov 23 2019

UPC 9097203300 – 7.5 kg bag

Best by Nov 20 2019


·         Sunshine Mills, Inc. (11/27/18)

Evolve Chicken & Rice Puppy Dry Dog Food

UPC 0-73657-00862-0 – 14 lb. bag

UPC 0-73657-00863-7 – 28 lb. bag


 Sportsman’s Pride Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food

UPC 0-70155-10566-0 – 40 lb. bag

UPC 0-70155-10564-0 – 40 lb. bag


 Triumph Chicken & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

 UPC 0-73657-00873-6 – 3.5 lb. bag

UPC 0-73657-00874-3 – 16 lb. bag

UPC 0-73657-00875-0 – 30 lb. bag


·         Lidl (Orlando brand) (11/6/18)

Orlando Grain-Free Chicken & Chickpea Superfood Recipe Dog Food

Lidl product number 215662

TI1 3 Mar 2019TB2 21 Mar 2019

TB3 21 Mar 2019

TA2 19 Apr 2019

TB1 15 May 2019

TB2 15 May 2019


·         Natural Life Pet Products (11/2/18, expanded 11/9/18)

Chicken & Potato Dry Dog Food

UPC 0-12344-08175-1 – 17.5 lb. bag

§Best by dates range: December 4, 2019 through August 10, 2020


·         Nutrisca (11/2/18)

Chicken and Chickpea Dry Dog Food

UPC 8-84244-12495-7 – 4 lb. bag

UPC 8-84244-12795-8 – 15 lb. bag

UPC 8-84244-12895-5 – 28 lb. bag

Best by date range: February 25, 2020 through September 13, 2020

A copy of the warning and a list of the recalled dog foods is available here.

Recently, the FDA received numerous complaints about dogs suffering from vitamin D toxicity after consuming these dry dog foods. Further testing of dog food samples revealed dangerous and potentially lethal levels of vitamin D – in some cases, 70 times the normal amount. While vitamin D is beneficial for dogs in limited quantities, too much of it can be toxic, and can even result in kidney failure and death.

Symptoms of vitamin D poisoning include vomiting, appetite loss, increased thirst and/or urination, excessive drooling, and weight loss. If your dog is displaying these symptoms, seek veterinary help immediately.

Anyone who has been feeding any of the recalled varieties of food to their dog(s) is urged to immediately discontinue their use of the product and consult a veterinarian. The FDA is encouraging veterinarians to report cases of vitamin D toxicity in dogs through their online portal or by calling their local consumer complaint center. Pet owners can also use these resources to report suspected vitamin D toxicity.

Because the situation is developing, more recalls may be announced. The FDA’s website will be updated as more information becomes available.

A bad Christmas and media fairytale…





The alleged wolf attack in Lower Saxony on a Tuesday, the 29th of November had caused a stir. A wolf is said to have snatched at the hands of a 55-year-old community worker who worked at the fence of a green area, as the police reported. According to the man, another three wolves of a pack would have observed this!!

On Tuesday morning, the 55-year-old repaired the fence at the cemetery in Bülstedter district Steinfeld (Lower Saxony) . The small cemetery is a few hundred meters away from the nearest houses on the edge of the forest, the employee of the municipality administration works alone.
As he turns back to grab a tool, an animal snaps!! It bites the arm, tugs at the sweater.
The police say the day after: a wolf!!

böser Wolf Bild jpg

The media is popping the news in the whole of Germany, the stupid reader must fear for his life, so: wolves must be shot, as the CDU wants it for a long time.
And the mayor Frank Holle (Christian Democratic Union, CDU) confirmed on demand that the man’s statements it is believable: “He knows about animals and can distinguish dogs from wolves. The man does not provoke the animal. There are currently wolves everywhere!!” While the worker spoke only of animals, the mayor Holle (Christian Democratic Union) made wolves out of it.

Three animals are watching!!

What also speaks against dogs: The alleged “wolf” is not alone. A few meters away, the man sees three more animals, in total there are three white and one black!!

Polar Wolfg(Remark: In Germany only gray wolves live in freedom, no white, as here in the photo a polar wolf.Black wolves also not.)


With a hammer, the church employee strikes after the animal, it gets hurt, it runs away with the others. Only on the day after the man goes on the advice of his superiors to the doctor. Immediately the competent authorities are informed, the torn sweater checked for traces. The man also tries to secure DNA material.

No trace of the wolf: only deer cat and dog hair were found!

The fairy tale, however, has a nice happy end: the same press, witch has spread the panic by lying and false information to the public, now writes: “a week after this alleged wolf bite in Lower Saxony, a DNA examination has not confirmed that it is such a predator acted. The seven samples of animal hair, the jumper of the attacked and a hammer, with which the alleged wolf was repelled, are not attributable to a wolf, said a spokeswoman for the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment on Tuesday in Hanover.

On the hammer experts found deer hair!! Further hair samples and DNA traces on clothing were from cats and a dog. There would have been no evidence of a wolf, said the Lower Saxony Ministry of Environment”.–der-angebliche-wolfsbiss-hat-sich-nicht-bestaetigt-8477454.html

My comment:

When I read the first message, my first thought was: If hunters confuse people with wild pigs and shoot them (which happens very often), why should not a community worker mistake a wolf for a dog?

Why is the press not waiting for the results of the genetic analysis to write reputable reports?

Since the 1990s, no one has been harmed by wolves.  The press should have been informed about the nature and social behavior of wolves.

The anti-wolf gang needed a lot of time to decorate this story. Sharp is the fact that the incident has just been staged right now that the intention of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU ) to shoot wolves, as a plan exists.

Yes…The sensational Christmas comedy ran stupidly.
The next time, the CDU should try with the Red Riding Hood, maybe it works better.


My best  regards to all, Venus



Petitions : Please Sign and Crosspost.

Petition link – Dog Reportedly Punched in the Face by Groomer Deserves Justice


Target: C. Paul Bowden, District Attorney for Tifton, Georgia

Goal: Punish the groomer who allegedly punched a dog in the face and cut her nail down to the bed.

A dog was traumatized after she was allegedly punched in the face by a groomer. Her nose was reportedly bleeding following a routine appointment. Demand justice for this poor animal.

“[We’ve been] very nervous, very upset, just a lot of emotions, lot of traumatizing. She was very much traumatized,” stated Doris Ball, Butterfly’s owner. The 15-year-old dog reportedly suffered minor injuries following a grooming appointment at Branch’s Veterinary Clinic. Butterfly’s nose was bleeding, her owner stated, and one of her nails had been cut down so far that she had difficulty walking. Butterfly became more frightened and cautious of strangers following this alleged abuse. The clinic apologized in a public statement and fired the suspect.

Michael Lockett has been charged with one count of cruelty to animals. Sign below to demand that he receive the maximum penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Bowden,

A dog was reportedly punched in the face by a groomer in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The beloved pet suffered physical and emotional trauma from this alleged abuse. I demand justice for this innocent animal.

When Doris Ball picked Butterfly up from Branch’s Veterinary Clinic, she immediately noticed that the dog was acting strangely. The 15-year-old pup reportedly bled from her nose, and she could barely walk on her right paw, where a nail had been cut down to the bed. Veterinarians had to cauterize Butterfly’s paw in order to stop the bleeding, per Ball, and she has become even more frightened of strangers. Michael Lockett has been fired from the clinic and charged with one count of cruelty to animals. He will face his charges at a later date.

This alleged cruelty must be punished. I demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]


SIGN: Justice for Cat Trapped in Cage and Kicked into Pond to Drown

Posted by Carly Day | December 7, 2018

Petition link –


PETITION TARGET: Tippecanoe County Prosecutor’s Office

In a shocking case of animal cruelty, a 17-year-old male trapped a cat in a cage, then kicked the helpless animal into a pond to drown as an older man looked on and told him to “go for it.”

In footage recorded by the abuser, the small black cat wearing a pink collar is seen cowering in the cage on the dock of the lake, mewing in fear before the cage is kicked into the water; as the cage rapidly sinks, the cat cries in terror before being submerged.

This heinous act in Tippecanoe County, Indiana was posted to social media, where it came to the attention of animal advocate Jessica Smith, director of Lost and Found Pets of Lafayette, who urged the Sheriff’s Department to investigate.

Police have charged Walter Kenneth Baldwin, owner of 52 Mobile Home Estates, with multiple counts including conspiracy to torture or mutilate a vertebrate animal and killing a domestic animal. He will also be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The youth will face similar charges in juvenile court.

Now, the courts must send a clear message that such cruelty will not be tolerated.

Sign this petition urging the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute these men to the fullest extent of the law, and work to ensure that they never treat an animal this way again.