Day: December 12, 2018

USA: The Dirty Water Rule and Seismic Airgun Blasting – Americans Must Take Action !



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The “Dirty Water Rule.”

That’s what we call President Trump’s new move to give fossil fuel giants, factory farms, and other industrial polluters the green light to pollute thousands of vital rivers, lakes, and streams with no repercussions.

Trump’s EPA just released its disastrous plan to gut the protections of the Clean Water Act that help prevent the pollution of drinking water sources for millions of Americans. It makes no scientific, legal, public health, or fiscal sense.

NRDC is prepared to fight back at all costs to stop this senseless attack on clean water, our environment, and our health.

But right now we need your help to rally a massive public outcry.

Tell the EPA to reject Trump’s disastrous Dirty Water Rule and protect our swimming and fishing spots and sources of drinking water for millions of Americans. Be one of the 100,000 activists we need to stand strong for clean water protections.

The Clean Water Act was designed to protect lakes, rivers, streams, and other waterways across the country, and hold polluters responsible if they violate its requirements.

Trump’s Dirty Water Rule will gut those critical protections, and threaten to contaminate our drinking water supplies and destroy important habitats for aquatic wildlife.

We’ve already seen enough devastating impacts from pollution and climate change on the nation’s water resources as of late: Outbreaks of harmful algae in Lake Erie that contaminated drinking water for thousands in Toledo, Ohio… losses in the Pacific salmon population in the Pacific Northwest… drought in California and across the west… and unprecedented toxic algae blooms in Florida, which have killed millions of fish, and other marine wildlife, and led to a state of emergency in the Sunshine State. Hobbling the Clean Water Act will only add to this list.

And while slashing safeguards for clean water will impact ALL Americans, low-income communities and communities of color could be hit the hardest — exacerbating inequality in communities that are already disproportionately impacted by polluted water.

We must stop this no-holds-barred attack on our clean water. Call on the EPA to reject Trump’s dangerous Dirty Water Rule immediately and help us reach our goal of 100,000 official public comments.

The Trump administration has been attacking clean water since Trump came into office, and NRDC has sued to protect it.

You can be sure that we’ll continue to fight this outrageous assault on clean water — in and out of court — and any Trump administration attack on our environment and health.

Will you join us today and demand that the EPA protect clean water for all?

Thank you for speaking out.


Rhea Suh
President, NRDC



The Trump administration has given the green light to oil and gas companies to use
seismic airgun blasting in the Atlantic Ocean, from New Jersey to Florida, to
search for fossil fuels in the sea floor. Seismic airgun testing involves
firing extremely loud and continuous blasts of compressed air–every few seconds, twenty four hours a day, for up to weeks or even months at a time–to determine whether oil and gas deposits are present.

The consequences of seismic airgun blasting could be devastating to marine wildlife.

Hundreds of thousands of ocean animals could be disturbed, maimed, or killed as a result of this shortsighted and potentially very deadly testing program. Marine
mammals like whales and dolphins are at a higher risk for harm since they rely
on hearing to communicate, reproduce, and find food.

The North Atlantic right whale,  migrates in the blast testing area.
This species is teetering on the brink of extinction with an estimated 400
individuals left in the wild.

Take action now and
tell Congress to protect the North Atlantic right whale and other marine mammals
by opposing the following legislation: SEA Act (HR 3133) and SECURE Act (HR 4239), and supporting legislation such as the Atlantic Seismic Airgun Protection Act (S. 1263/ HR 2158).

The impacts of expanding offshore drilling will be extremely
harmful to marine ecosystems.

Offshore drilling causes habitat destruction, ocean acidification, and oil spills,
resulting in immense loss of wildlife. Use of fossil fuels speed up climate
change and associated risks. We cannot let this administration open the door to
new offshore drilling when we have only twelve years to act against climate

Email your members of Congress right now and tell them to oppose the potentially deadly seismic airgun blasting and stop the expansion of offshore drilling in the biologically rich waters of the Atlantic!

In solidarity,

Stepph Sharpe
Turtle Island Restoration Network

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Dirty Policy – Dirty Money.


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