Day: December 7, 2018

Chile: Petition -Justice for Dogs Brutalized in Dogfighting.



SIGN: Justice for Dogs Brutalized for Dogfighting in Chile

Posted by Lady Freethinker

SIGN: Justice for Dogs Brutalized for Dogfighting in Chile

Petition Target: Chile Ministry of Justice

The conditions were sickening: 21 dogs were ill, weak and starving when a Lady Freethinker investigator discovered them on the property of alleged illegal dog breeder and known dogfight organizer Gonzalo Ariel Rebolledo Robles near Santiago, Chile in late July.

Kept on short, heavy chains or in small, filthy kennels with no food or water, their empty bowls were coated in green slime. Three dogs were already dead, their bodies decomposing on the ground. And more than 30 hens and cockfighting roosters languished in cages.

Shockingly, this cruel breeder had been caught multiple times participating in organized dogfighting. Yet he was still somehow permitted to keep more animals. New charges have been filed, but we have yet to see if the courts will finally take such animal abuse seriously.

This case is just one of many in Chile in which known dogfighters and dogfight breeders face little to no consequences when caught, and are set free to continue the cycle of brutality and bloodshed. In fact, one notorious dogfighter, Claudio Lopez, was convicted of multiple animal abuse charges from 2015-2017 and received an astonishingly lenient sentence — NO jail time whatsoever, and not even a fine.

There is hope, however. In August, 2017, Chile passed new laws to strengthen protections for animals. Under ART. 291 BIS, those who commit mistreatment or cruelty to animals face imprisonment, fines and the “perpetual absolute disability for the possession of any type of animals.”

Now, it is imperative that the courts do their part and enforce the law.

Sign this petition urging the Chilean courts to finally take a strong stand against dogfighting and all animal cruelty, and enact a lifetime ban on owning animals for anyone caught participating in dogfighting, illegal dog breeding or any other form of abuse.


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USA: California Moves Closer to Banning the Sale of, and Manufacture of, New Fur Products Throughout the State.


California has moved one step closer to banning the sale and manufacture of new fur products throughout its state.

Assembly Member Laura Friedman (D-Glendale) introduced the ‘State Fur Ban, AB 44′ on Monday — a bill that would make the Golden State the first to implement such a measure. The move follows similar decisions made across several of its cities — in September, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to ban the sale of fur within the city limits, six months after San Francisco passed a similar ban.

“California is one of the most progressive states in the country and a world leader in animal welfare,” said Assembly Member Friedman. “Given the overwhelming evidence of inhumane practices in the fur industry and the availability of so many different options for warm and fashionable fabrics, we will not continue to be complicit in unnecessary cruelty towards animals solely for the sake of fur.”

The bill, which is sponsored by Animal Hope in Legislation and the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation and The Humane Society, would make it illegal to manufacture, sell, trade and donate fur products within the state (with the exception of used fur), across clothing, handbags, shoes, slippers, hats and accessories.

A California fur ban would be in keeping with the tidal wave of support for the growing anti-fur movement across the fashion industry and the world. Multiple fashion houses have recently made public their plans to discontinue the use of fur, including Chanel, Coach, Diane Von Furstenberg, Burberry and Versace. Earlier this year, Norway became the latest country to propose a ban on fur farming, while September’s London Fashion Week was an entirely fur-free event.


WAV Comment – we fully agree; California is one of the most progressive states in the country and a world leader in animal welfare.  Well done California; lets hope other states act on this.





Pig hearts for sale!


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A researcher from Munich, Prof. Bruno Reichart, has used pig hearts in baboons and thus paves the way for similar operations in humans. All media celebrate and participate: “With the new methods, xenotransplantation is no longer science fiction, and researchers around Reichart have been able to solve two problems: the preservation of donor hearts and their growth.” Prof. Bernhard Banas, Chairman of the German Transplantation Society (DTG)

Only the nationwide association “Doctors Against Animal Experiments” showed clue and responsibility and spoke now of a “false promise of salvation”.

If the researchers claims that his tests are cleared the way for experiments on humans, which in the future could reduce the acute organ deficiency and the waiting lists could be shorter again, then this would be “seriously wrong promises,” said the spokeswoman of the association Doctors Against Animal Testing eV  Silke Strittmatter, on Bayer broadcasting. She called the so-called xenotransplantation the “worst outgrowth of animal experimental research.” Ethical boundaries were ignored.


“Here something is presented as a medical breakthrough that does not correspond to reality. For the experiment pigs were genetically manipulated, the consequences for humans are incalculable”, so Strittmatter.

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