Pig hearts for sale!


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A researcher from Munich, Prof. Bruno Reichart, has used pig hearts in baboons and thus paves the way for similar operations in humans. All media celebrate and participate: “With the new methods, xenotransplantation is no longer science fiction, and researchers around Reichart have been able to solve two problems: the preservation of donor hearts and their growth.” Prof. Bernhard Banas, Chairman of the German Transplantation Society (DTG)

Only the nationwide association “Doctors Against Animal Experiments” showed clue and responsibility and spoke now of a “false promise of salvation”.

If the researchers claims that his tests are cleared the way for experiments on humans, which in the future could reduce the acute organ deficiency and the waiting lists could be shorter again, then this would be “seriously wrong promises,” said the spokeswoman of the association Doctors Against Animal Testing eV  Silke Strittmatter, on Bayer broadcasting. She called the so-called xenotransplantation the “worst outgrowth of animal experimental research.” Ethical boundaries were ignored.


“Here something is presented as a medical breakthrough that does not correspond to reality. For the experiment pigs were genetically manipulated, the consequences for humans are incalculable”, so Strittmatter.

“Such auspicious promises from animal testing labs keep coming in. If one believed the promises of some researchers, then AIDS would have been defeated since 1983, and cancer would have been defeated since 1990, and since 2005 standard pig hearts could be transplanted to humans.” Silke Strittmatter, Doctors Against Animal Testing.

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Unforeseeable consequences

Strittmatter emphasized that it was reprehensible to want to temporarily or permanently use organs of animals manipulated in the laboratory as substitutes for humans. Because the body’s immune system must be massively suppressed. In addition, it was completely unclear what suffering and damage people would carry and how a pig organ would react to the human lifestyle.

There is a risk that animals transmit diseases to humans that the human body can not handle, said Strittmatter. Although the Munich researchers have used a pig that is unlikely to have the dangerous PERV virus in humans, that does not mean that further dangerous transfers are excluded.

Animal experiments with grave suffering

Medical ethics, the experiments are reprehensible anyway, Strittmatter continues. She explained that xenotransplantation was considered by the EU to be the most painful, distressing and damaging animal animal experiment on animals.

FLI_Schweine_Gruppe_für Forschung

At the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich pig organs have been transmitted to monkeys for at least 20 years, co-financed by taxpayers’ money. Instead of conducting scientifically dubious research in the xenotransplantation laboratory, the focus should be better on disease causation, and modern in vitro research using sophisticated computer models and organchips that, unlike animal experiments, simulate the human body deliver transferable results. “Silke Strittmatter, Doctors Against Animal Testing.


Here’s a good comment I’ve read: I only hope that in a very distant future, when the genus of man is finished, baboons and pigs will have evolved so far to produce people for organ transplants! Disgusting, the whole! What a waste of life!!

And I can say: what irresponsible criminal idiots we actually pay to play with our lives, and to torture defenseless animals, sadistic for years, without any interest in the welfare of man, but only with the sole purpose of making money and career!

And the media, as always, cooperate with the heart makers of the Labor Mafia, and promise us a new pig heart for this Christmas!

My best regards, Venus














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