Day: December 5, 2018

Silent night, holy night, all murder


weihnachtsbild mit kerzen

We use to preach Christmas as a feast of love. By that we mean to make gifts to friends and relatives and spend more time with loved ones.
So far so good with love.
However, cruelty, barbarism, murder are also part of Christmas.

Moreover, the good old killer instinct increases even more.
For all who fall as victims of this festival of love this means: More Christmas, more murder. And the more murder, the more festive the glow of love.

ganz am tischpg

Because the feast for the dear guests must come from the corpse of animals that have suffered for days in mobile coffins. For the big day it must be a goose from France, with a fat liver, who never had a proper meal in her short life, let alone a feast meal.
The pig will be from Germany, what has only experienced suffering and pain for days in a mobile coffin.

It is part of the broken thinking machine to combine love in Christmas with food from animal origin. He who kills the whole year, then especially at Christmas!

I advise everyone to let the Christmas tree in the forest, and instead of singing “Advent, Advent, a little light burns”, rather to finally find out, where it really burns in this world.

It is more important, instead of greedy with animal corpses, to donate the money to an animal welfare association.

Karikatur über Weihnachtenn
And instead of hypocritically singing “peace to man on earth” in the church, I advise everyone to organize a light candle for the millions of animal victims of this day, who suffer more than other days because of the carnivorous nature of the Christmas fanatics.
So that this night will not be like any other again.

My best regards, Venus






Scotland: Tell the Government – Ban cruel and violent trophy hunting to protect Scotland’s native species.



petition 3

Petition Link –

Trophy Hunters Like the ‘Professional Huntress’ Must be Stopped




Target: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland

Goal:  Ban cruel and violent trophy hunting to protect Scotland’s native species.

Recent social media photos showing a self-proclaimed “professional huntress” and the carcasses of animals she killed in Scotland have caused worldwide outrage, as well as sparked concern within the country’s government. Larysa Switlyk, host of a hunting television show from Florida, posted images of herself posing alongside the dead goats, stags, and sheep that she shot with a high-powered rifle.

Deer and goats are currently legal to hunt in Scotland due to the nation’s so-called “sustainable land management plan.” But the government may change this following photos like these. Member of the Scottish Parliament Michael Russell called the images “horrific” and stated that it is unacceptable “to see people in camouflage with highly powered sniper rifles rejoicing in the killing of a goat, let alone a ram.” Sign below to demand an immediate ban on all trophy hunting in Scotland.


Dear First Minister Sturgeon,

Social media photos showing a “professional huntress” alongside the carcasses of animals she shot and killed are, as MSP Michael Russell states, “horrific,” and call into question Scotland’s policies regarding trophy hunting. Unnecessary killings for sport and trophies are cruel and irresponsible, and must not be accepted by the Scottish government.

Russell rightly points out that it is unacceptable “to see people in camouflage with highly powered sniper rifles rejoicing in the killing of a goat, let alone a ram.” This brutality is not sustainable land management.  I urge you to ensure that all trophy hunting is immediately banned in Scotland.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Larysa Unleashed/Instagram

South Africa: Lammie Deserves to be With Others. Urge J’burg Zoo To Release Her Now.




Lammie, a 39-year old female elephant at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa, suddenly found herself living alone when her partner of 17-years died in September. Since then, Lammie has been living out her days in an enclosure without the company of another elephant. She experiences little environmental enrichment, has little shade, lacks sufficient water to bathe in, and appears listless. Animal experts have expressed their deep concern for her mental and physical well-being.

Please urge that the Johannesburg Zoo rehome Lammie to the best equipped and available sanctuary!


Together, HSI Africa, along with our South African partner groups, the EMS Foundation and the Elephant Reintegration Trust, are fighting for Lammie. We have located a suitable sanctuary that will approximate a wild-like setting, won’t offer any human-elephant interactions, and is graciously willing to offer Lammie a forever home with a group of elephants who would become her new family. But we need your strong voice to help change her life.

Urge the Johannesburg Zoo to make it possible for Lammie to live a happy life.

Elephants are highly intelligent and social animals, and Lammie is in desperate need of a happier existence. She deserves the chance to live out her years with other elephants. We’ve asked several times for an urgent meeting with the Johannesburg Zoo, the Johannesburg City Council and the Mayor of Johannesburg, Mr. Herman Mashaba, but they have not complied.

This is no life for any elephant to live. Please add your name to help free Lamie.

Together, we won’t stop fighting for Lammie, elephants, and wildlife everywhere.

Thank you so much for everything you do to help animals.


Kitty Block
Humane Society International



USA: Brain Dead Trophy Hunter Kills Iconic Yellowstone Favourite Wolf. Sign Petition for Justice.



Take action and give Yellowstone wildlife the freedom it deserves – free form guns and the brain dead’s that use them.

Please sign the petition:


Link –


SIGN: Justice for Yellowstone’s Most Beloved Wolf, Gunned Down by Trophy Hunter

Posted by Carly Day

  SIGN: Justice for Yellowstone’s Most Beloved Wolf, Gunned Down by Trophy Hunter


PETITION TARGET: Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks

A well-known, gorgeous female wolf was mercilessly gunned down by a trophy hunter as she left the protected boundaries of Yellowstone National Park last week.

The gray wolf — known by her catalog number 926F — was extremely popular with visitors to the park, who knew her affectionately as ‘Spitfire.’

This beautiful seven-year-old wolf had lived a challenging life; her famous mother was killed by hunters in 2012, numerous mates were killed or died over the years, she lost litters of puppies and was eventually displaced as the alpha wolf. She was a gutsy survivor whose life was tragically cut short for sport.

Although hunting is not permitted within the national park, outside the borders it is legal, with several hundred wolves “harvested” by trophy hunters every year.

Because many of the 100 wolves within the park are habituated to humans, it’s particularly easy for hunters to approach and pick them off.

Sign this petition urging the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks to ban trophy hunting near Yellowstone National Park, so these incredible animals are protected from needless killing.

Thanks Steve Irwin!


she shepard_n

Sea Shepherd’s flagship STEVE IRWIN has been involved in 18 campaigns around the world, helping to defend, protect and sustain our seas. During the eleven years of its mission it was traveling in some of the roughest seas. In December 2018, Sea Shepherd Global’s Board of Management decided to leave the STEVE IRWIN with a heavy heart.

Steve Irwin

The reason for this decision is the bad condition of the ship, which was noticed during regular inspections of our fleet. Since overhauling the ship due to serious damage was no longer worthwhile, the ship unfortunately had to be retired.

Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson said:


“On December 7, 2007, Terri Irwin and I inaugurated the STEVE IRWIN – a ship that was to become our flagship for a decade. I have had the honor of being the captain of the ship during many successful campaigns on the high seas. We made heavy use of the ship, raced with it through heavy storms and bursting ice. Now the machinists have decided that the STEVE IRWIN is no longer safe for use at sea. Although we have taken many risks over the years, we have learned when the time has come to part with a ship. Unfortunately, this was the case with STEVE IRWIN. However, it will be remembered forever as a victorious battleship that has saved countless marine life. “

Team von Shee Shepard

STEVE IRWIN will make its final trip to Hong Kong, where it will be disassembled under international labor and environmental regulations. Before all equipment is removed such as the radio and the radar. These devices will now be distributed to the rest of the fleet.

New flagship of the Sea Shepherd fleet, which consists of eleven ships and small boats, is now the OCEAN WARRIOR.


And we say thanks to Captain Watson and his brave warriors!

Best regards, Venus