Silent night, holy night, all murder


weihnachtsbild mit kerzen

We use to preach Christmas as a feast of love. By that we mean to make gifts to friends and relatives and spend more time with loved ones.
So far so good with love.
However, cruelty, barbarism, murder are also part of Christmas.

Moreover, the good old killer instinct increases even more.
For all who fall as victims of this festival of love this means: More Christmas, more murder. And the more murder, the more festive the glow of love.

ganz am tischpg

Because the feast for the dear guests must come from the corpse of animals that have suffered for days in mobile coffins. For the big day it must be a goose from France, with a fat liver, who never had a proper meal in her short life, let alone a feast meal.
The pig will be from Germany, what has only experienced suffering and pain for days in a mobile coffin.

It is part of the broken thinking machine to combine love in Christmas with food from animal origin. He who kills the whole year, then especially at Christmas!

I advise everyone to let the Christmas tree in the forest, and instead of singing “Advent, Advent, a little light burns”, rather to finally find out, where it really burns in this world.

It is more important, instead of greedy with animal corpses, to donate the money to an animal welfare association.

Karikatur über Weihnachtenn
And instead of hypocritically singing “peace to man on earth” in the church, I advise everyone to organize a light candle for the millions of animal victims of this day, who suffer more than other days because of the carnivorous nature of the Christmas fanatics.
So that this night will not be like any other again.

My best regards, Venus






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