Thanks Steve Irwin!


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Sea Shepherd’s flagship STEVE IRWIN has been involved in 18 campaigns around the world, helping to defend, protect and sustain our seas. During the eleven years of its mission it was traveling in some of the roughest seas. In December 2018, Sea Shepherd Global’s Board of Management decided to leave the STEVE IRWIN with a heavy heart.

Steve Irwin

The reason for this decision is the bad condition of the ship, which was noticed during regular inspections of our fleet. Since overhauling the ship due to serious damage was no longer worthwhile, the ship unfortunately had to be retired.

Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson said:


“On December 7, 2007, Terri Irwin and I inaugurated the STEVE IRWIN – a ship that was to become our flagship for a decade. I have had the honor of being the captain of the ship during many successful campaigns on the high seas. We made heavy use of the ship, raced with it through heavy storms and bursting ice. Now the machinists have decided that the STEVE IRWIN is no longer safe for use at sea. Although we have taken many risks over the years, we have learned when the time has come to part with a ship. Unfortunately, this was the case with STEVE IRWIN. However, it will be remembered forever as a victorious battleship that has saved countless marine life. “

Team von Shee Shepard

STEVE IRWIN will make its final trip to Hong Kong, where it will be disassembled under international labor and environmental regulations. Before all equipment is removed such as the radio and the radar. These devices will now be distributed to the rest of the fleet.

New flagship of the Sea Shepherd fleet, which consists of eleven ships and small boats, is now the OCEAN WARRIOR.


And we say thanks to Captain Watson and his brave warriors!

Best regards, Venus


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