Ghana: a small victory with a big impact!




It is hard to call them victories, as the level of suffering is still so horrible, but had Eyes on Animals and West Africa Centre for the Protection of Animal Welfare (WACPAW) not been present, the animals would still be jumped on, have their legs tightly tethered and their neck cut all while fully conscious. We have successfully got the much more humane procedure of rapid stunning into 4 slaughterhouses in Ghana. Thousands of cattle and pigs will now be rendered unconscious and spared the worst part of the slaughter process. It is just the first step, but if we can achieve this after just one year of working with WACPAW in Ghana, imagine what we can achieve if we stick to it?

We have prepared 4 videos of different Ghanaian slaughterhouses to show you the difference between how it was and how it is now, thanks to your support. I know the conditions are still far from ideal, but within the context of today’s reality, I hope you will understand that this is a major step forward.

We want to also say a personal thank-you to Roy. Roy is a full-time employee of a slaughterhouse in The Netherlands. He is the stun man, responsible for rendering animals unconscious before slaughter. He is an example of how we can, and must, respect each other and all work together towards making this world a gentler place for animals. He took 10 days’ holiday from work in order to volunteer for Eyes on Animals in Ghana.

Roy von Eyes on animals

He did a fantastic job at teaching the local slaughtermen how to use the stunner and the importance of acting calmly and with respect to the animals. Thanks to him, stunning was able to be put into practice so quickly in Ghana. Here are a few words he wanted to include in this newsletter:

The mission in Ghana to improve animal welfare was extremely necessary and successful. Eyes on Animals is doing excellent work there and I am very happy to be able to help them get concrete changes into place. I will definitely continue helping them on this project in the future, because no animal should have to suffer from fear, stress or pain. Via Eyes on Animals I can make a difference”- Roy.

My comment: Only for those who have never set themselves the goal of saving animals, or who do not know how difficult it is to improve the Dachau slaughterhouses of this world, only these would say that it is not a victory, what the activists of Eyes on Animals achieved.
Nothing that diminishes the pain, the suffering, the battle of animals is little.
In the name of the animals in Ghana, thank you very much Eyes on Animals and WACPAW!

Best regards to all, Venus





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