Live Exports Exposed – Archive (1995) Film by the ACIG Showing British Calves Exported to Europe.

Live exports exposed: “U.K. Calves” a film by the Animal Cruelty Investigation Group – ACIG

Published on 13 May 2013

This film shows what happened to calves exported to Europe through Brightlingsea, Essex. Calves are filmed being unloaded at Nieuport, Belgium on May 10th 1995. On June 7th 1995, a different consignment of British calves were followed some 200 miles through Belgium into Holland where they were filmed being pushed into veal crates. This investigation project was undertaken by Janet Taylor from the Farm Animal Sanctuary and by Lawrie Payne and Mike Huskisson from the Animal Cruelty Investigation Group (ACIG). For more information about the ACIG please go to:

This is why the British people hate live animal exports and ‘veal’ meat which is produced from these young calves.  They take to the streets to stop it – old footage from the Dover live exports campaigns.:


This is old footage; fortunately it does not happen this way now, or does it ??

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