UK: Foie Gras Is Produced to Lower Animal Welfare Standards Than the UK has; So Post Brexit, A Ban on Foie Gras Imports Into the UK Is Possible.


foie 2

Another victory for animals!

Dear Mark,

The Wallace Collection and Skylon restaurant at the Royal Festival Hall have become the latest London landmarks to withdraw foie gras from their menus thanks to pressure from our #FoieGrasFreeGB campaign. They join the Tate Modern who made the same compassionate choice just two weeks ago.

foie gras abuse


Our campaign continues, and we were encouraged to see that Kerry McCarthy MP and Neil Parish MP have recently proposed amendments to the government’s Agriculture Bill. These amendments would mean that animal products produced to lower standards than UK animal welfare law dictates could not be imported here, effectively banning foie gras from being sold in the UK

We need your help to ensure this succeeds – please contact your MP and ask them to support these amendments to the Agriculture Bill. It only takes a few minutes to do this using the website and we’ve included a template message below to make things even easier for you!


foie 5

Template email:

Dear [MP Name] MP,

I am writing to ask for your support for Amendments NC1 and NC4 to the Agriculture Bill. When the UK exits the EU, it is essential that we do not allow cruel products like foie gras or animal products that are produced using methods that would not be allowed under our animal welfare laws to be imported from other countries for sale here.

This would completely undermine the UK’s current legislation and us as a nation of animal lovers.

As my representative in Parliament I implore you to vote for NC1 and NC4 during the Report Stage of this Bill.

[Your name]

foie 4

foie 3


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