UK: A ‘First’ Television Fundraiser for Animal Welfare Charities Gets Amazing Response In 3 Hour Broadcast.



On the evening of 21/12/18; UK television Channel 5 did a whole 3 hour fundraising evening called  ‘animals in need at Christmas’.


In 3 hours they raised £ 623,000 for animal welfare !!

Brits are pretty supportive of animal welfare and the amount of money donated in just 3 hours reflects this !


Here are a couple of links to the event:


Santa Dash – this was an organised special event which saw no less than 10,000 ‘Santas’ running around the streets of Liverpool all in aid of supporting animal welfare.

santa dash

All the money raised yesterday will be distributed to 5 different animal welfare organisations in the UK.  You can see who they are via the links we have given above.

 We just want t say that this has been waiting to happen for a very long time – it just needed a major tv channel to step up to the plate and take it on.  Channel 5 were the organisation which did t.

Well done Channel 5 – this is the first but it will not be the last.

I think they will do this every year at least once; if not more frequently.

 Regards Mark



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