Day: January 5, 2020

New Zealand: civil courage save lives



Overwhelming action: A group of pilot whales stranded in New Zealand. Vacationers and locals followed the call for help from environmentalists – and were able to save the majority of the animals from death.


Seven stranded whales survived in New Zealand thanks to the spontaneous use of hundreds of helpers. Around a thousand volunteers followed a call and came to Matarangi Beach on the North Island, the environmental group Jonah said on Saturday. The stranded short-finned pilot whales were pulled back into the sea during the next flood. However, four more whales did not survive.

The short-finned pilot whales were stranded off the Coromandel Peninsula. The environmentalists tried to bring the seven surviving whales back into the water and published a call for help on the online service Facebook.

About a thousand locals and holidaymakers then hurried to the beach and looked after the helpless animals for hours. Jonah spoke of an overwhelming response.

According to the New Zealand environmental protection agency, seven whales on the beach were able to survive until they were able to be pulled into deeper waters by several boats during the next flood. Four more whales would be buried by agency officials.

The rescued pilot whales have been “healthy swimming and actively observed,” a spokesman for New Zealand’s DOC told the New Zealand Herald.
“We hope that they stay in the sea.”
Local residents and tourists should check out the port of Matarangi in the coming days to see if some of the whales land on the beach again.

In New Zealand, whales are always stranded. Long-finned pilot whales, which are closely related to short-finned pilot whales, are particularly affected. Two years ago, more than 330 pilot whales died in a similar incident in southern New Zealand.


photo-wal jpg


And I mean…Everyone can imagine the joy and relief of the brave and active rescuers as soon as they could see the animals at the sea happy and free again.

This is another confirmation of the success we can achieve through the collaboration. Together we can achieve a lot for the animals.

Many thanks to all active helpers!

My best regards to all, Venus

Australia: The time of universal buyability


Australian flag painted by brush hand paints. Art Aussie flag. Watercolor flag. Australia art vector flag.



Watercolor painting flag of Norway . Vector




While Australia goes up in flames –Norwegian energy company Equinor given environmental approval to drill for oil on Australia’s coasts!


The Norwegian oil giant Equinor has just received approval from the regulatory agency NOPSEMA to drill in the Great Australian Bight, which directly contradicts strong public opinion. There are many reasons why drilling for oil in the bay should not be done – one reason you can see in the photo:

Australien-21Foto: D. Schreier-Great Australian Bight


The isolation and the different currents created a rich biodiversity in the shelf, which is also protected as national parks in places. Not only whales frolic here, but also the endangered pygmy penguins. After the region was already exploited by the fish industry for tuna, a unique bay ecosystem has emerged in the bay, whether starfish or seahorse or the many different types of seabirds that have settled here.

And now Australia plans to sink one million tons of sewage sludge into the Great Barrier Reef!

Nemo-.Australia jpgFoto: D. Schreier- Nemo


In this bush fire area in Australia, an area of more than 1.1 million hectares has already been destroyed.
The Blue Montain is also affected by the bush fires.
By now, 25% are said to have been destroyed and it was only on December 17, 2019 that the three political representatives of the Blue Mountains asked the government of New South Wales to provide immediate help to the region in the event of forest fires.

Australien-53-768x576Foto: D. Schreier- Blue Montain


Australia burns out of greed!

More and more scientists from Australia have long warned of overexploitation and pollution in Australia.

But as deputy prime minister Michael McCormack claims according to SBSnews from October 29, 2019, mining brings in a lot of money – so protests are not welcome!
The International Mining and Resources Conference is Australia’s largest annual industry event and attracts delegates from the fields of resources, investments and technology.
More than 7,000 delegates from around 100 countries attend the three-day conference – while Australia goes up in flames.


Hundreds of climate protesters have tried to prevent an international mining conference in Melbourne in late October 2019.
50 people were arrested and at least four hospitalized.

Criminal!! – Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack urged the media not to report on these protests!

Despite the many disasters affecting Australia, the corrupt government says stronger environmental action is crippling its economy, and even the Norwegian energy company is now receiving the second and most significant of four regulatory approvals from the federal offshore oil regulator before drilling started can be.

Please sign and share Sea Shepherd’s petition:

Australien Sea Shepard jpg

And here is the petition fron Australia Institute, please sign and share:

My comment:It is the time of general corruption, the time of universal buyability.
It is the time when even things that until then have been communicated, but never exchanged, given, but never sold, acquired but never bought, when in one word, everything became a matter of trade: virtue, love, conviction, knowledge, Conscience, etc.
The time in which every object, whether physical or moral, is brought onto the market as a commodity to be estimated at its exchange value” (Karl Marx).

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My best regards to all, Venus