Day: January 9, 2020

England: Farms Not Factories – ‘Pester the Pig’ Is Back With A Message for Shoppers ! – Do Your Bit and Send A Message.




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Pester the pig is back to tell shoppers only to buy high welfare sausages – if they still live in the past and eat them !  

Pester Pig is Back to Punish the Undiscerning Shopper

Farms Not Factories mascot, Pester Pig, has been campaigning alongside Jerome Flynn, to raise awareness about the lack of pig welfare in popular high street food chains. She is not happy that three-quarters of the popular supermarkets & high street food chains we surveyed sell pork from factory farms. So, when she catches someone buying low animal welfare pork, the punishment has the desired effect! Make sure to give the video a like and share, to remind friends to only buy high welfare.



It’s Time for Real Change on Pig Welfare

Tell the CEOs of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Greggs and Domino’s to only source high welfare pork, by sending them this letter.

Most High Street Chains Source their Pork from Factory Farms

Three-quarters of the 60 high street supermarkets & food chains surveyed by Farms Not Factories sell pork from factory farms. The vast majority of these don’t offer a single high welfare alternative. Pigs reared in factory farms (an intensive farming system that is permitted under the Red Tractor labelling scheme) have to endure permanent indoor confinement in barren, overcrowded pens for their entire lives. Mother pigs are kept in narrow metal cages so small they cannot even turn around for weeks on end.

The Solution

RSPCA Assured, Free Range and Organic all have significantly better standards than the Red Tractor labelling scheme and minimum UK & EU standards. Some well known high street chains have already made the switch to one of these high welfare labels. For example, McDonald’s only sell RSPCA Assured pork across their entire menu and the Co-op only sells Outdoor Bred RSPCA Assured pork throughout their entire own-brand fresh pork range. Pigs on high welfare farms, either outdoors or indoors with plenty of straw, are healthy and more contented. They have enough room to roam and express natural instinctive behaviours such as rooting, nesting and playing.

The Pig Welfare Survey



Regards Mark.



A message about Australia


From Anonymous for the Voiceless,


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It’s good to see concern for the animals suffering and dying as a result of the tragic events in Australia currently taking place, with bushfires raging across the country. But aren’t there some other species of animal that humans are forgetting? Animals who were being killed in huge number LONG before this event ever took place?

It’s rather strange when a holocaust is taking place, that those complicit in it would choose to ignore the very thing they are taking part in and instead show concern for something that they are far more powerless to do something about.

EVERY WEEK, around 2 billion land animals are murdered in the world’s longest running and most environmentally destructive massacre, with countless marine animals murdered in the process as well.

Animal agriculture is the elephant in the room that our Carnist society chooses to ignore.

So where is the sympathy for the cows, turkeys, salmon, and goats? The pigs, chickens, sheep and tuna? Are their lives worth LESS than those of the koalas and the kangaroos? Do they not matter? Can they not suffer too?

A pig doesn’t want to be in a gas chamber any more than a koala wants to be in a burning tree. Will you be consistent and end your complicity in this? Or will you turn a blind eye to the very suffering you are responsible for and focus only on the events deemed “newsworthy”?

And I mean…Today and here it’s not just about the animals that are burned in Australia and whether they are more or less victims than other animals.
They are, so to speak, the collateral damage of a criminal system that, like everywhere else, serves the meat consumption in Australia.
After all, the genocide in Australia is only the tragic consequence (among other things) of extensive animal husbandry. Like all over the world.
The message from Australia is: either we are radically changing our current lifestyle, or the whole box is falling into the abyss.

As long as the climate played along, no one thought about the effects of factory farming on the climate catastrophes of this planet.

And now Global warming is at every door, Australia is just the most tragic example.
But although in Australia (almost) everyone has experienced it in their own bodies, we see that even in biblical catastrophes people have learned nothing: Instead of rethinking and reducing the number of animals bred, farmers and hunters shoot wild animals such as kangaroos and camels, so that water and feed for the “useful” animals are not scarce!!

As soon as the fires are over, everyone returns to their everyday life and consoles themselves with their favorite saying: “That happens everywhere, there are also climate changes…”

Unfortunately, this is the most tragic message from this story: Disabled, mendacious, opportunistic, exploitative … that’s what we humans are and stay before, like after biblical catastrophes!

Karikatur mit zerstörtem Planet_n

My best regards to all, Venus