Germany: 30 inmates burned alive in zoo

We mourn the death of 30 Persons monkeys in the zoo- prison in Krefeld / Germany.

The monkey house burned down completely on New Year’s Eve.

Krefelder-Zoo.Affen verbrannt jpg

More than 30 animals died in the flames, said a spokeswoman in the morning. At 5.50 a.m. there was the sad certainty that none of the monkeys could escape from hell. More than 30 animals were killed. Among other animals, the “senior group” of the gorillas (Silverback mass) came under the flames

Krefelder-Zoo.Gorilla jpgSilverback mass died in the flames. (Archive)


Two chimpanzees had survived the fire “slightly miraculously injured,” said zoo director Wolfgang Dreßen at a press conference at noon. At home were among the animals killed orangutans, chimpanzees, marmosets, epaulet fruit bats and birds.

Cause of fire unclear – speculations about New Year’s Eve fireworks

Local residents had alerted the fire department at 0.38 a.m., the fire department said. The emergency services arrived a few minutes later. When they arrived, the monkey house was already in full fire.
“It was clear that nothing could be saved,” said operations manager Kai Günther at the press conference.
The emergency services had no hope for the animals at first.
They therefore tried to prevent the flames from spreading to the neighboring kangaroo house and the gorilla garden, which was also successful.

According to the criminal police, an illegal so-called “Chinese torch” could be responsible for the fire. These are floating sky lanterns that have been banned in Germany except for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania since 2009.

Orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees lived in the monkey house. The 2000 square meter monkey tropical house was one of the zoo’s main attractions (!!!)

gorilla in krefeld ZooGorilla in Krefeld Zoo (herbert2512 /


According to the zoo, the monkey house was opened in 1975.
By 2020, the orangutans and chimpanzees should still have outdoor facilities.

The police called on eyewitnesses via Twitter to report. The Kripo took over the investigation.

According to the zoo, the monkey house was opened in 1975. By 2020, the orangutans and chimpanzees should still have outdoor facilities. The zoo has over 400,000 visitors a year!!Elephants, leopards and rhinos also live there!!

Massa Gorilla KrefeldpgMassa;  now is dead

The footprint of the greenhouse-style building was 2,000 square meters. At home were orangutans, chimpanzees, marmosets, epaulet fruit bats and birds.

The police called on eyewitnesses via Twitter to report. The Kripo took over the investigation.


My comment: As soon as the news was out, a bunch of zoo fans and zoo insiders created an atmosphere of mourning in Facebook and gave the prison director their condolences.
One made the proposal for donation without explaining the purpose, the stupid pack cheered the idea.

“We feel deep sadness,” feigned the zoo director Wolfgang Dreßen.
Just a few hours after the devastating fire, it is certain that the prison will be rebuilt, new monkeys bought and there be blocked. Now we understand what the donations are used for; so that more victims can be ready for amusement as quickly as possible and the euro rolls again …

When the monkey house of the Krefeld Zoo was on fire shortly after midnight, there were no emergency personnel at the location, and there was also no fire extinguishing system. The animals had no escape route, they were locked up.

In the past, people from other ethnic groups with special physical characteristics were also shown in human zoos.
These were the human zoos. Because thesehuman  beings were “different” in some way at that time, the dignity of these people was ridiculed.

Menschen zoo-1-c-frei
We haven’t had human zoos since 1940, but the zoo director’s shameful job still exists, with non human animals.

He will bring other highly intelligent victims to prison with the help of an insurance company! But also with the support of a primitive, mentally weak clientele who feels perverse fun watching the prisoners, because this society, and as far as its morals are concerned, still lives on the trees!

My best regards to all, Venus

2 thoughts on “Germany: 30 inmates burned alive in zoo”

  1. In the 21st century. All zoos are supposed to be memorial centers, such as Auschwitz, and the holograms animals that are in it, instead of live animals, because live animals should be recharged to sanctuary centers in appropriate climatic zones depending on the needs of the animal species.In the 21st century. It is also apparent even to idiots that species must be kept in situ, in their natural habitat, not in zoo prisons. It is also clear that there is no educational significance to observe the mentally ill wild animals in the deep depression and suffering in the zoo prisons.So what reason for the existence of zoo ”Gardens” in the 21st century exists, except greed and immoral earnings by torturing animals.


  2. The article about the monkey house burning New Years eve due to fireworks (possibly) makes me sick. 22 passed horribly and in pain. I love silverbacks. They are so noble and intelligent!! So sad…human ignorance about keeping wildlife that is fast diminishing is beyond me.


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