Germany: Wolf’s persecution



In Lower Saxony, the shooting down of three wolves is currently approved. These are two animals from the Uelzen district and one animal from the Emsland district.

After repeated livestock tears in the Uelzen region, the state, together with the local district there, examined an exceptional permit from the strict protection of the wolf in accordance with the Federal Nature Conservation Act, the Lower Saxony Environment Ministry said.
The “experts” from the Ministry of the Environment have assessed the situation in detail, taking into account the national development of the population, and have come to the conclusion that an exception is required for one wolf from three herds, according to the press release.

Wolf Bilder Zum Ausdrucken Fd32 Messianica Malvorlagen Für Mädchen with Wolfsbilder Zum Ausdrucken

The Lower Saxony Environment Minister said: “In recent years, the shepherds have made great efforts to protect their herds from wolf attacks. The state supports them as much as possible. However, if wolves overcome these protective measures, we must not leave the livestock farmers helpless. (!!!)”


According to the ministry, the shooting permit is valid until June 30, 2020. In the case of the she-wolf from the Escheder herd, enforcement is to be suspended from April 15 to May 15, 2020 for animal welfare reasons in order to ensure the care of possible puppies born this spring.


+++Update: After a shot, the hunter should remain as anonymous as possible – so that he is not threatened, said the Ministry of Environment.


And I mean…The federal government, the strongest lobby for farmers and hunters, had made it easier for wolves to be shot a year ago in order to prevent tearing of grazing animals such as sheep or calves.
According to this shameful bill, wolves can be killed even if it is unclear which animal attacked a flock of sheep, for example. It should be possible to shoot wolves until there is no more damage, even if it kills an entire herd of wolves.

In 2018 alone there were eight illegal killing of wolves in Germany, since 2000 there have been a total of 43. There is massive poaching against the wolf, with the support of the state. So far, never a single murder of Wolf has been punished!

The natural hunters, i.e. the wolves, do belong here.
They were at home here before the farmers discovered factory farming.
They are carnivorous animals, which means they have to eat meat and have always done it.

Humans can survive without meat.  After the last events, it would make sense to avoid meat.

Farmers, on the other hand, are primarily concerned with maximizing profit and not with the well-being of their herds.

Protection fences and herds protection dogs mean additional costs and the animals killed by the wolf are a loss for them; because with these animals – who keep them in farms under miserable conditions and die a violent death in the slaughterhouse anyway – no profit can be made.
That is why the corrupt German politicians are now approving an order to destroy the wolf.
But they allow to continue animal factories as usual.

Schöne Karikatur mit Jäger getötet von Wolf n“I had to act, he lost fear of the wolf”


My best regards to all, Venus

9 thoughts on “Germany: Wolf’s persecution”

  1. Hallo,
    The most shameful crimes against large carnivores wolves and lynxes are commited in Latvia. It’s done violating the European nature protection laws – the Bern Convention and the Habitats Directive. Wolves are slaughtered systematically every hunting season, starting from 15July until 31 March (the longest hunting season for the protected species in EU), it is done without any evaluation of wolf packs and certain individuals here in Latvia. The totally uncontroled killing of alpha males and females of wolf packs is usual hunting practice here in Latvia. The hunting quotas have been increased systematically and drastically, starting from 250 at the beginning of the hunting season with regular increase in February. In February 2017 the number of additional killing quota achieved even 50 more to be killed in adition to those 250. And in 2018 again the starting quota at the beinning of the hunting season (15 July) was stated 250 wolves and in February increased up to 280 wolves. It is the longest and most brutal massacre of the priority species in EU level even with no valid methodology to state the hunting quotas for lynxes and wolves in Latvia.There is even no reliable scientific population estimates worked out for wolves and lynxes in Latvia! Official data for the popupulation size of these species are manipulated even in the official state report (see Latvia Article 17 Report, 2013-2018), giving the size for the whole Baltic lynx and wolves population as the population size for Latvia.
    There is no livestock prevention measures used in Latvia as well.
    Please, help us to protect the EU priority species – wolves and lynxes here in Latvia!
    With best regards


    1. Dear Rych,

      thank you for your message.
      I have to admit honestly that I didn’t know what the wolf situation was like in Latvia.
      It would be helpful if you would send us more information about it.
      Then we can publish it and if there is a petition to this massacre that is still going on, we would post it too.

      Latvia is an EU country, but when it comes to hunting, we are in an area where the right is always on the side of the hunters.
      But experience has shown us that if we fight hard and systematically, we can achieve good results.

      best regards for you


  2. Hi, Venus!
    Please reply, have you received my second e-mail I’ve sent you today regarding situation with wolves and lynxes in Latvia.

    Thank you beforehand.


    1. No, I have not received a second email from you with information about hunting in Latvia. Only this to which I now answer.
      Best regards ,


  3. Hi, Venus. Some more information, as requested.

    Hunters here in Latvia is the only social group, which heavily exploits our valuable nature resource – lynx for trophy hunting, and wolves are persecuted and 280 killed each hunting season only because they are wolves and because there is no compensation system and provision of tools for farmers to protect farm animals from wolf attacks.
    The state’s fee for each limited “game” animal, regardless of species, including the EU endangered and protected species lynxes and wolves in Latvia is ridiculous indeed – only 1,42 EUR (per animal). The season’s hunting card – 14,23EUR. Imagine!
    The most hunting endangered species – great carnivores lynxes and wolves in Latvia. Issue treated on Latvia media in the next post.


  4. Latvian Public Radio, LR1, 12, November 2018
    Neraugoties uz būtiskajām atšķirībām uzskaitē, nošaujamo lūšu skaitu, visticamāk, saglabās līdzšinējā apjomā
    (Despite the significant differences in population size assessment, the number of lynx to be shot is likely to be maintained to the current level)
    Ārpus Rīgas | Outside Riga
    12. novembris, 2018, 6:52
    Autori: Edgars Kupčs (Latvijas Radio Ziņu dienesta korespondents) | Latvian Public Radio



  5. -about the State Forest Service employee (woman hunter), who during the collective hunting shot the lynx mother roaming with her offsprings in the wood in December month, thus leaving young lynxes doomed to death.

    Cilvēki sašutuši: cik nožēlojami medniece Gunita lepojas ar nošautu lūšu mammu
    (People Shocked: how pitiful hunter Gunita boasting of killed lynx mother)

    2016. gada 22. decembrī 16:55



  6. -about the State Forest Service employee (woman hunter), who during the collective hunting shot the lynx mother roaming with her offsprings in the wood in December month, thus leaving young lynxes doomed to death.

    Cilvēki sašutuši: cik nožēlojami medniece Gunita lepojas ar nošautu lūšu mammu
    (People Shocked: how pitiful hunter Gunita boasting of killed lynx mother)
    2016. gada 22. decembrī 16:55



  7. -the scandal of the killed lynx mother by the State Forest Service forester enabled the local roosters – who call themselves “hunters” – to show off their stupidity, ignorance and arrogance in all the glory..

    Each hunting season Latvian hunters kill 43% of the wolf population up to 20-25% of the lynx population (a third of the killed are up to 1 year olds).

    Latvijas mednieku gaļas stulbums
    (Latvian Hunters’ Meat Stupidity)
    Mareks Vilkins 4. decembris , 2017



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