Day: April 24, 2020

this is how the media work

The pigeon fever broke out in Basel (!!!)

The disease is fatal and highly contagious to the animals. The virus is also transferable to humans (!!!)


It sounds like a bad joke. In fact, the authorities have proven pigeon fever in several animals. The disease is deadly and highly contagious for the pigeons.

Signs of the disease are increased frightfulness of the pigeons and one-sided paralysis of the wings and legs, said the Basel health department on Wednesday.

Contagious to people but not dangerous

And: the virus can also be transmitted to humans. The pathogens could cause conjunctivitis or mild flu symptoms, but otherwise they did not cause any serious symptoms, the message says.

The health department warns not to touch sick or dead animals. After direct or indirect contact, thorough hand washing is the order of the day.

tauben epidemie schweiz

Don’t feed pigeons now (!!!)

Calls on social media channels to feed city pigeons due to alleged food shortages in the course of the corona virus lockdown are aimed in the wrong direction and are ultimately also harmful to the pigeons.

Feeding places that attracted virus-bearing, but also healthy pigeons, were a significant source of infection from non-infected pigeons, writes the health department.

stadttauben kampagnepg

And I mean…These peaceful animals are the product of human cruelty, and are distributed everywhere and with cruel methods.

In “normal” times they survived through leftovers in the cities.
But since the Corona quarantine, they have been suffering from hunger, and many have died miserably. In Germany it is not allowed to feed them.
After all, it didn’t matter to us whether it was or not allowed, many activists fed the animals.

And now Switzerland suddenly comes up with the idea that the problem “pigeon feeding” with panic, fear and hatred among the population can be solved “otherwise” very well.

And so the press announces solemnly a new epidemic!

This is how the media works hand in hand with liars and fraudsters in politics.
If some compassionate people continue to feed the pigeons despite fines, threats and bullying then only the panic method helps to stop them.

This method is known, has been tested and found to be good:
create an epidemic and so you have everyone in your power.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: Exposing the Pig Business – USA and Poland. And Legal Threats If Broadcasted !







A factory farm near Wieckowice in Poland, owned by US pork giant Smithfield Foods, the biggest pig factory farming corporation in the world, has been infected with African Swine Fever. The Guardian reported on 8th April 2020 that over 10,000 piglets on the farm would be culled.

I went to Wieckowice to film my (2009) Channel 4 documentary Pig Business where I met local residents and workers suffering from respiratory, neural and intestinal diseases because of toxic emissions from this very same pig factory that has closed today. I climbed factory farm perimeter fences to film suffering pigs and interviewed Smithfield Foods’ US lawyer and local directors, EU bankers and EU bureaucrats to hear their excuses for their destruction of rural culture, health and economies.

Meanwhile on 16 April 2020, 700+ workers at a Smithfield Foods processing plant in South Dakota, were tested positive for COVID-19, representing 55% of all confirmed cases in the state.

In this uncensored version of the 2009 film Pig Business you will hear pork processing workers describing their cramped, dangerous and unsanitary conditions in Smithfield’s slaughter and packing plant at Tar Heel, North Carolina. Though most of the meat is now sent to China and the workers have union representation, most of the workers are undocumented migrants whose rights are undermined. So it is not surprising that during this pandemic Tar Heel is still open and slaughtering 34,000 pigs per day.

In 2009, the censored version of Pig Business was broadcast by Channel 4. We have now posted the uncensored film that includes footage of local doctors, workers and of Robert F Kennedy Jr that had to be taken out of the Channel 4 broadcast version because of threats of defamation from Smithfield Foods.

The competitive imperative for livestock farms to ‘get big or get out of the industry’ is threatening the health of people, animals and ecosystems around the world. What hope of curbing the possible vector of viruses in the UK if pig and poultry factory farms continue to grow ever bigger?

The launch of the Pig Business, The Full Tail – an uncensored version of Pig Business (2009) comes as US pork giant Smithfield Foods – featured in the documentary – slaughters 10,000 pigs stricken with African Swine Fever in a factory farm in Poland, and closes its packing facility in South Dakota where 700+ workers tested positive for COVID-19. Where Smithfield Foods sowed bad karma of cruel treatment of pigs and sick workers and neighbours, so they now reap the consequences.

When I first heard about the outbreak of COVID-19, one emotion I didn’t feel was surprise.

No measures were taken to prevent the root cause of swine flu, mad cow disease and avian flu, and so it was only a matter of time before some new and deadly disease spread from animals to humans. This time it is COVID-19. Many scientists are again suggesting that the pig and poultry industries could be the vectors of the disease in its passage from bats to humans. So, instead of our governments only investing in cures and vaccines, we urgently need to prevent the outbreaks of zoonotic diseases by ending factory farming.

My film Pig Business, exposes the true costs of the corporate takeover of the pig industry focusing on US pig giant Smithfield Foods’ invasion of Poland. It was broadcast on Channel 4 in 2009, during the global pandemic H1N1 (swine flu) that killed approximately 253,000 people worldwide, though some sources report much higher.

Smithfield Foods’ takeover of pig farming and processing in Poland has come home to haunt it. They were in the headlines earlier this month when African Swine Fever struck their factory pig farm in Wieckowice, Poland, 93 miles from the German border, and all 10,000 piglets had to be slaughtered.


A week later, Smithfield was in the news again when their packing plant in S. Dakota was closed due to a staggering 700+ confirmed COVID-19 cases among Smithfield employees and people associated with them. Smithfield-related infections account for 55% of the caseload in the state.


My film tells the story of neighbours living near the US-based (and now Chinese owned), Smithfield Foods, the world’s biggest pork producer, that had expanded into Poland in the late 1990’s thanks to a favourable loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Imported pork began flooding the Polish, European and UK markets undermining local smaller scale farms. Smithfield Foods pork is only cheaper because they are raised in cruel overcrowded and unhealthy conditions with hundreds of thousands of tons of waste polluting the surrounding countryside.


Pigs are raised in unhealthy, stressful conditions that cause such suffering to the animals that they have to be given prophylactic antibiotics to keep them alive. The sheds become a breeding ground for antibiotic resistant diseases that form part of the toxic brew, including ammonia, hydrogen sulphide from biodegrading faeces, that threatens the health of both workers and neighbours with respiratory, neural and intestinal diseases.


To compete with this global race to the bottom, EU and UK pig farms are still expanding and externalising their true costs, or facing bankruptcy.

When the BBC World rejected the film, Pig Business for fear of litigation, Channel 4 agreed to air it. But when Smithfield got wind of it in 2008, they instructed a London lawyer to threaten Channel 4 with a libel action if they dared go ahead with the broadcast. Channel 4 hired a specialist libel lawyer to alter the film to ensure it was protected from the very corporate-friendly libel laws that prevailed in the UK at the time. In 2013 the law was changed so that now a profit-making entity must prove serious financial loss before it can sue for damages.

Though Channel 4 did broadcast the film, Smithfield’s threats to sue them resulted in scores of important testimonials being removed.

I am now publishing the Pig Business ‘The Full Tail – uncensored version’ film that contains those powerful extracts as they are as relevant today as they were back in 2009. The arrival of African Swine Fever in their farm in Poland and the rates of COVID-19 in their processing house proves that their dangerous businesses practices have not changed despite the suffering and diseases that locals have complained about for decades.

Below are some of the statements that have returned into the Director’s cut.

  1. Polish Minister for Agriculture; ‘Often they try to keep the inspectors out of the farms altogether. The owners use various legal loopholes and tricks……to stop vets entering the farms’

Why was this removed? In a libel court in the UK we would have to prove that this happened repeatedly and on specific farms on specific dates’


Smithfield former farm worker; ‘The doctor asked where I worked before… and I said on the pig farm… He said I simply breathed all those fumes and my lungs couldn’t cope. He said my lungs had shrunk day by day. I’ve damaged my lungs and there was no cure.’

‘When there was an inspection, we were told to remove all the treatment charts and when they’d gone we hung them up again. If the inspectors should ask us questions we were instructed to say we were only cleaners…and that the vet was doing all the treatment not us.’

Why was this removed? No workers were allowed to be used in the film


Smithfield former farm worker ‘Most people are sick but hide it for fear of losing their jobs. They come from local villages. The problem is the microclimate… which contains concentrated… hydrogen, sulphate, nitrogen… and other poisonous substances.’

‘…because of the large amount of pigs, we found many sick pigs during our routine rounds, so we would give medicines all the time”

Why was this removed? No workers were allowed to be in the film. Smithfield might argue that we cannot prove specific cases with medical records, although 25%-30% of factory pig farm workers suffer permanent lung damage.


Neighbour of the Wiekowice pig factory; ‘The gasses from the farm have been tested. A certified company called Atma conducted the research. This was paid for by the county mayor. The results showed the pollution was up to 30 times above the recommended guidelines’.

Why was this removed? They had to be able to prove that these gasses are emitted every day.
Each day’s test cost £1,100 so the local mayor could only afford one test


Robert F Kennedy Jr: ‘They can’t raise hogs with this kind of cruelty unless they give them lots of antibiotics, sub-therapeutic antibiotics. The United States dept of agriculture just made a study that said that every one of these facilities puts out 1 billion antibiotic-resistant bacteria every day that crosses the property line and threatens the health of people who live down-wind of those facilities and the herds of animals that live down-wind of those facilities’.

‘They can’t produce a pork chop cheaper than a family farmer without breaking the law.’

Why was this removed? Can’t use Robert Kennedy unless he is speaking in the senate


With global trade, pig farming has to compete with global ‘vertically integrated’ giants like Smithfield Foods that own both pig production and processing to reap the profit from the entire system. Their monopoly enables them to push down the prices of pork and so bankrupt independent pig producers and their contract farmers and externalise their true polluting costs onto the broader community. Local diseases are now proving to be global. The power is in our hands. We can prevent these diseases by only buying meat from local small scale family farms where animals are treated as sentient beings not industrial raw materials.


The good karma of only eating meat with a high welfare label will reap the reward of less animal-to -human diseases. The health of our animals is integral to our own survival. Look for the high welfare labels RSPCA Assured, Free Range or best of all, Organic or go direct to your farmer via farmers market, websites like Big Barn or your local box delivery scheme to find high welfare. Please sign and share our petition asking the government not to sign a trade deal with the US that allows imports of pork raised in conditions that are illegal in the UK.


Best wishes,

Tracy Worcester, Director


UK: World Day for Laboratory Animals – Urge the UK Government to Commit to Ending All Experiments on Animals – Petition.

UK flagge aquarelljpg



Hi Mark,

Unable to hold a real protest because of restrictions on social gatherings, PETA is staging a march by an army of adorable animal figurines against a backdrop of the Houses of Parliament today to mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories.

Our tiny protesters are calling on the government to commit to ending all animal experiments and redirecting resources towards superior, non-animal methods – such as sophisticated tests using human cells and tissues and advanced computer-modelling techniques – which would benefit humans and animals alike.


petition keyboard


Will you join us by adding your name to PETA’s petition?


European Union Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes is clear – the EU’s ultimate objective is to replace all experiments on animals. Shamefully, Britain has yet to commit to this important goal in its own national legislation – and as the end of the Brexit transition period fast approaches, the UK government is running out of time.

Over 90 per cent of drug trials in humans fail, even though the drugs have already passed experiments on animals. The problem is that the differences between species are so vast that results in animals are, at best, a very poor approximation of what will happen in humans or, at worst, dangerously misleading. A paradigm shift away from all studies using animals is needed. The government must create a clear strategy and timeline for replacing animals used in experiments. With greater investment in animal-free science and bold policy initiatives, far more promising cures and treatments for humans as well as more effective and reliable methods for toxicity assessment can be developed.

Finally – and crucially – committing to this goal would also help put an end to the almost unimaginable suffering of millions of animals.

It’s time for the UK to commit to completely replacing all experiments on animals.

Please sign our petition to the Home Office; Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; and Department of Health and Social Care.

Urge the Government to Commit to Ending All Experiments on Animals


To: Home Office; Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; and Department of Health and Social Care

Please commit to the EU’s final goal of fully replacing the use of animals in scientific procedures to ensure that the UK is not left behind – in either animal-welfare standards or scientific innovation – in the wake of Brexit. Although EU Directive 2010/63/EU (the Directive) has been transposed into the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, the UK has not formally adopted the EU’s ultimate goal of replacing the use of animals in scientific procedures, as reflected in Recital 10 of the Directive. We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the government take this official step immediately, establishing a clear policy within a legislative framework, mandating an end to experimentation on animals, and providing a clear strategy and timeline for achieving this goal. Redirecting funding away from unreliable and unethical tests on animals and instead investing in superior, non-animal methods will benefit humans, animals, and the future of science in the UK.

Yours sincerely,

Thank you for helping animals in laboratories.

Julia B

















From the multiplication table of “animal production”

antibiotika cloprostenolpng

Research activists often find medicines in plants in the animal industry, here the active ingredient cloprostenol. This artificial hormone is routinely used to initiate, accelerate and synchronize births in pig breeding. The goal: more profitability.

schweine kasten mit ferkel-PETA-D

If all the mother pigs in a group give birth as quickly and simultaneously as possible, the associated working time for the operator is also reduced.


This saves effort and thus costs.

And: the sows can be inseminated more quickly after birth, which means more pregnancy cycles per year, so more born piglets overall.

ferkel einsamo

The routine use of cloprostenol is also promoted by the increasing size of the mast systems.

Piglets in increasingly large batches of uniform age and weight are in demand there – which is only feasible through simultaneous mass births in pig breeding.

holocaust anonymous o
ARIWA – Animal Rights Watch e.V.


And I mean...Eating meat is normal, natural and necessary is the propaganda of the media, which is controlled by the system.

150 billion animals are slaughtered each year for human consumption!!
The calculation is simple: the more animals killed per minute, the more money is released.

In fact, it is estimated that more than 500 million animals die in the U.S. meat industry before they reach the slaughterhouse, many of them die from illness that is exclusively attributable to factory farming.

This all,  is factored into production costs.

The meat eaters assume that the meat that ends up on their plate does not make them sick or kill them.
Indeed, and it is no longer a secret, the meat receives a large amount of antibiotics, toxic pesticides and hormones that are known to be carcinogenic. That makes the meat a poison.

No wonder thus we have shit in our flesh.

And it’s no wonder that the corona will continue to eliminate some human animals who see meat as their “free choice”.

anonymous you can look away

My best regards to all, Venus

World Day for Laboratory Animals. Cannoli.



Cannoli, a sweet and healthy golden retriever, should be enjoying comfort and safety with a loving family right now.

Instead, he’s languishing in a laboratory cage—even though Texas A&M University (TAMU) has temporarily closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and sent students home to their families.

After a determined PETA campaign led TAMU to announce last year that it had stopped breeding dogs to be tormented in painful, pointless canine muscular dystrophy (MD) experiments, Cannoli was made available for adoption. But now he’s been taken off the list and transferred to another laboratory, where his suffering will continue.

Experimenters have been confining dogs with debilitating canine MD to barren cages and tormenting them in painful tests for more than three decades—which hasn’t yielded a single treatment that reverses symptoms of MD in humans.

Crude, cruel tests on animals waste lives and resources when researchers should be focusing on actually helping humans, and now, even the most stubborn companies, institutions, and government agencies are finally changing their tune. For example, the National Institutes of Health has taken a potential COVID-19 vaccine straight to human trials—without waiting for a lengthy animal-testing phase, paving the way for cruelty-free research in the future.

PETA is leading the charge to spare dogs horrible lives in laboratories and breeding mills, end crude “fright” experiments on monkeys, stop the terrifying forced swim test on mice, and promote the development and use of animal-friendly, human-relevant testing methods and technology.

When we started our campaign against canine MD experiments, TAMU experimenters had nearly 100 dogs in their clutches and were intentionally breeding them to develop symptoms of the disease. Today, after our determined online activism, our demonstrations, our lawsuits, the help of MD patients and 500 physicians, and more, the school has ended its breeding program, and fewer than 30 dogs are still suffering there. We’re making huge progress—but we must keep pushing to cross the finish line, because TAMU is still treating Cannoli and dozens of others like disposable lab equipment rather than the sensitive individuals they are. Animals deserve better.

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