Day: April 10, 2020

Brazil: free beaches for baby turtles


Empty beaches – a blessing for baby turtles!

Because of Covid-19, the beaches in Brazil are almost deserted.
Good for these endangered turtles. Hundreds of babies hatch undisturbed.

Brasil pg

The corona pandemic is currently turning our everyday lives upside down. While we stay at home most of the day, are no longer allowed to travel or meet friends, and the economy has been shut down to a minimum, animals and nature breathe freely worldwide. In Italy you can see dolphins, in Europe the smog disappears and in Japan deer dare to enter the city (

The spectacular sandy beaches of Brazil are therefore unusually empty despite tropical temperatures.

leere strände brasilien

The measures also have unusual side effects: on the coast of the city of Paulista, almost 100 sea turtle babies of the species Hawksbill turtle hatched and were able to make their way into the sea almost undisturbed.

“A total of 400 sea turtles were born on the Paulista coast in 2020, including 87 green turtles and 313 hawksbill turtles. Due to the measures to prevent the spread of the new corona virus, almost no people were present … “, says the ministry website. There are said to be four more nests that are supposed to hatch between April and May.

schildkröter brasil–ein-segen-f%C3%BCr-schildkr%C3%B6tenbabys


And I mean…That and many similar free walks of animals show how much the animals had to suffer among us humans.

Everyone stays at home! then everyone benefits from it!!

My best regards to all, Venus

China signals end to dog meat consumption by humans.



China signals end to dog meat consumption by humans


Draft policy released by agriculture ministry cites concern over animal welfare and prevention of disease transmission as factors behind move

The Chinese government has signalled an end to the human consumption of dogs, with the agriculture ministry today releasing a draft policy that would forbid canine meat.

Citing the “progress of human civilisation” as well as growing public concern over animal welfare and prevention of disease transmission from animals to humans, China’s Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs singled out canines as forbidden in a draft “white list” of animals allowed to be raised for meat.

The ministry called dogs a “special companion animal” and one not internationally recognised as livestock.

The city of Shenzhen recently approved the first ever mainland China ban on consumption of dog and cat meat, a move that has given hope to animal welfare groups worldwide that other parts of the country could soon follow suit. The new draft policy has provided even more.

“The signal is the first ever from a ministry that dogs are not food animals,” Paul Littlefair, international head of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals told the Guardian. “[This] leaves the door open for local governments to follow Shenzhen’s lead.”

While not officially a ban on the consumption of dog meat, the draft policy from the agriculture ministry could be a “game changer moment for animal welfare in China”, Wendy Higgins of Humane Society International (HSI) told the Guardian.

“That signals a major shift, recognising that most people in China don’t eat dogs and cats and want an end to the theft of their companion animals for a meat trade that only a small percentage of the population indulge in,” Higgins said.

HSI estimates that between 10 and 20 million dogs are killed in China for their meat annually, while Animals Asia puts the figure for cats at around 4 million per year.

Most of these are stolen animals and not raised in captive breeding facilities, Higgins said.

“Not only does it cause enormous animal suffering, but it is also almost entirely fuelled by crime and, perhaps most significantly right now, poses an undeniable

The temporary wildlife trade ban was imposed from late January in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, largely thought to have originated in the formal or illicit wildlife supply chain.

But campaigners hope the government will go still further. Peter Li, China Policy Specialist with HSI, told the Guardian: “Listing wild animals, including foxes and raccoon dogs, as ‘special livestock’ is concerning. Rebranding wildlife as livestock doesn’t alter the fact that there are insurmountable challenges to keeping these species in farm environments, their welfare needs simply can’t be met. In addition, there’s clear evidence that some of these species can act as intermediate hosts of viruses, such as Covid-19, which is why we’re urging China and all governments to stop trading in wildlife.”




Call To Action! Sign Respect For Animals’ Urgent Letter Asking Norway To End This Year’s Barbaric Seal Hunt With A Quota Of 18,548 Harp Seals.



Call To Action! Sign Respect For Animals’ Urgent Letter Asking Norway To End This Year’s Barbaric Seal Hunt With A Quota Of 18,548 Harp Seals.



The Norwegian government is going ahead with their sickening seal hunt yet again this year. They have announced that the seal hunt can be conducted without an animal welfare inspector onboard. The reason is said to be the risk of COVID-19.


As noted in a statement by Respect For Animals, “among the crews to go hunting without inspection this year, are members who have been convicted of animal cruelty after several offenses during seal hunting in 2009.”

In 2010, these crew members received some of the highest fines ever given for animal cruelty in Norway. The men were convicted based on documentation from an animal welfare inspectors report, and video recorded evidence.

NOAH, the Norwegian animal protection group, is gravely concerned about animal welfare during the 2020 seal hunt, and is now demanding that the Government of Norway does the right thing and cancels the hunt. “To permit seal hunting crews to kill seals without inspectors is nothing but absurd. If the inspector must take considerations to prevent infection from (COVID-19) then of course this should apply to all crew. Considering animal welfare issues, the hunt should be cancelled when an animal welfare inspector is not allowed to be onboard. Hunting seals are not an “essential service,” that could legitimate temporary changes of laws during the corona-crisis,” Siri Martinsen, Veterinarian and Executive Director of NOAH said in a statement. “On the contrary, seal hunting is highly controversial and forbidden in several countries because of animal welfare concerns.”

Respect for Animals, NOAH, and many international animal protection groups are strongly concerned that rules for animal welfare and control are being changed in reference to the corona-crisis, while exploitation of animals continues unimpeded. The seal hunt is 80% subsidized, and should now be stopped to avoid animal suffering.

“I have travelled around the world documenting the different seal hunts, tying to get them banned, and wherever they occur, the horror and brutality is the same. Canada, Namibia, or Norway, the slaughter of seals often for their fur is cruel and unnecessary,” stated Mark Glover, Campaigns Director for Respect for Animals. “Seal hunters with appalling convictions for animal cruelty are being allowed to inflict carnage on innocent, helpless seals, without observation, has shocked people around the world. We urge the Norwegian government to take action and END the seal hunt, NOW!”

In 2015, the Norwegian government decided not to grant subsidies for 2016 and there was no seal hunt that year. Sadly, subsidies were re-established in the following years.


The quota for the 2020 seal hunt is set at 18,548 Harp Seals.



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Please sign Respect For Animals’ letter to the Norwegian Embassy urging the government to cancel the barbaric seal hunt in Norway, HERE!

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If One Positive Thing Comes From Coronavirus; It Could Be That The Environment Improves ! – Whatever; Mankind Needs To Learn From This !

Dramatic fall in China pollution levels 'partly related' to ...

Nasa maps showing NO2 values over Wuhan during January and February. Photograph: Nasa Handout/EPA 



Mother Earth is having a bit of a Detox – and we think this is really fantastic. The Coronavirus / COVID has kept cars, planes and people, and their massive pollution off the streets and out of the towns and cities, and as a result, allowed the Earth to take some much needed ‘environmental medicine’ to help get itself and little better with regard the environment and cleaner air.

The pity is, that if and when it is all over; if it will ever be; huge numbers of humans will get back into their cars; board their planes, go back to their polluting jobs as if things never really changed much. If you can say one thing about the human race, it is that it never learns from its past mistakes.


Please click on the following link and read what some of the people have said.


People living in some parts of India are seeing the Himalaya mountains crystal clear for the first time in decades. This happened after the coronavirus quarantine reduced the amount of pollution in the country and helped the air clear up a bit.

Locals in the Jalandhar district in Punjab in Northern India, around 125 miles (just over 200 kilometers) from the mountains, are enjoying the majestic view. One of the people celebrating the unspoiled view is Indian cricket player Harbhajan Singh, with other Twitter users chiming in how pollution is a serious problem in India.

One person even said that this was the first time they could clearly see the Himalayas in nearly 30 years.



Researchers in New York told the BBC their early results showed carbon monoxide mainly from cars had been reduced by nearly 50% compared with last year.

Emissions of the planet-heating gas CO2 have also fallen sharply.

But there are warnings levels could rise rapidly after the pandemic.

With global economic activity ramping down as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it is hardly surprising that emissions of a variety of gases related to energy and transport would be reduced.

Scientists say that by May, when CO2 emissions are at their peak thanks to the decomposition of leaves, the levels recorded might be the lowest since the financial crisis over a decade ago.


Melting Himalayan Glaciers: People, Environment, Economies | World ...



Germany and its disabled authority


Downer cow fate again /Authorities helpless.


banane rep deutschlandpg

At a dairy farm in Schleswig Holstein, Germany, an injured Downer cow was reported to us last night. The poor animal lay next to a road without protection. Not connected because the owner knew that she would not get up. A deceased cattle was sighted in the same place yesterday morning. Then the next victim came.

down Kuh SOKOImage: SOKO Tierschutz

The condition of the animal was quickly checked. It had no access to water or food when checked. The cow was injured on the horn and one leg. A break is suspected. It rolled her eyes in pain. How did she get there? Not without violence.

down Kuh 2 SOKOjpgImage: SOKO Tierschutz


Then it got difficult. We informed the police that night. The first conversation with a policewoman was daunting. Because she said what would it bring if she goes out there and takes pictures?
In addition, they do not know about cows, she says (!!!)

At the veterinary office you would now reach no one at night and on Good Friday.
We then contacted the veterinary emergency call of the district of Plön.

Again, helplessness, because the veterinarian said he could not even go to the property and the best thing to do was to call the perpetrator to take care of him (!!!)

In a third phone call, we appealed to the police to go there with the vet team, secure evidence, and end the animal’s suffering in one way or another.

We particularly pointed out the danger that the animal would still be removed by force by criminal butchers and that this would cause even more suffering.

+++Update: The police informed us that they had spoken to the animal owner, who had assured that everything was fine and that the animal was only recovering after slipping.
When we asked whether it would be strange that an animal that could get up and walk again was stored right next to a busy road, there was no skepticism.

So everything is fine, again.
The animal is delivered to the keeper and his “vet-doctor” and no one is available today at Veterinary office!

Concentrated helplessness of the authorities. In what other act do the authorities want to call the perpetrator first before they go out? they march immediately because of a smashed window, but not of a smashed animal!
We have filed a complaint and a complaint and are staying tuned.

SOKO Tierschutz


And I mean…the german animal protection law says: Paragraph 2: “Whoever keeps, looks after or has to look after an animal, 1. must feed, care for and care for the animal appropriately according to its type and needs”…

Paragraph 3: “It is forbidden to enter the house to suspend or leave the company or other animal in the care of humans in order to get rid of it or to evade the obligation to keep or look after it ”!

Authorities in Germany are unwilling, unable, overwhelmed or corrupted.
Therefore animals – and especially the “useful” animals – only have the right to suffer and to die, that’s it.
Who is still involved in this shitty animal production?
The milk consumer!
Who else falls into the lie trap that the meat and milk mafia generates for its billions?
The meat and milk consumers!
They are the second-hand culprits and torturers of this fascist system.

Nobody can say “I didn’t know it” as in the time of National Socialism.
Today we know how the modern Dachau work.
Today WE have the decision to take part in the animal holocaust, or not!

Zitat über Mittäterschaftn

“Suddenly you realize that you are part of an indescribable crime and understand that almost everyone around you wants to hold onto his complicity” (


My best regards to all, Venus