From the multiplication table of “animal production”

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Research activists often find medicines in plants in the animal industry, here the active ingredient cloprostenol. This artificial hormone is routinely used to initiate, accelerate and synchronize births in pig breeding. The goal: more profitability.

schweine kasten mit ferkel-PETA-D

If all the mother pigs in a group give birth as quickly and simultaneously as possible, the associated working time for the operator is also reduced.


This saves effort and thus costs.

And: the sows can be inseminated more quickly after birth, which means more pregnancy cycles per year, so more born piglets overall.

ferkel einsamo

The routine use of cloprostenol is also promoted by the increasing size of the mast systems.

Piglets in increasingly large batches of uniform age and weight are in demand there – which is only feasible through simultaneous mass births in pig breeding.

holocaust anonymous o
ARIWA – Animal Rights Watch e.V.


And I mean...Eating meat is normal, natural and necessary is the propaganda of the media, which is controlled by the system.

150 billion animals are slaughtered each year for human consumption!!
The calculation is simple: the more animals killed per minute, the more money is released.

In fact, it is estimated that more than 500 million animals die in the U.S. meat industry before they reach the slaughterhouse, many of them die from illness that is exclusively attributable to factory farming.

This all,  is factored into production costs.

The meat eaters assume that the meat that ends up on their plate does not make them sick or kill them.
Indeed, and it is no longer a secret, the meat receives a large amount of antibiotics, toxic pesticides and hormones that are known to be carcinogenic. That makes the meat a poison.

No wonder thus we have shit in our flesh.

And it’s no wonder that the corona will continue to eliminate some human animals who see meat as their “free choice”.

anonymous you can look away

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “From the multiplication table of “animal production””

  1. People who, despite the knowledge that they are genetically frugivorous, still consume meat, milk, eggs and carry or wear skin, fur, feathers, wool, silk, and do animal experiments and various sports and kill them in various sports. , in “hunting”, in “fishing”, they oppress and kill animals, which is totally immoral and totally unnecessary – they deserve the legalization of the death penalty for their crimes against animals.


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