Movistar Plus gives a voice to the bullfighting mafia

The Spaniards actually want to start bullfights without an audience again from June. How crazy is that?

spanische flagge mit Stier

The Bullfighters Union, together with the Movistar Plus Canal Toros, has planned a hypothetical bullfighting season in which the first 10 bullfights will take place next June. A total of almost thirty fights are said to be televised. According to ABC from Seville, José Pedro Prados ‘El Fundi’, as President of the Union, has already contacted the first thirty bullfighters on the 2019 bullfighter list to host bullfights and horse fights.


Movistar Plus is definitely trying not to associate its brand with the abuse and death of the bulls. For this reason, the name Movistar Plus does not appear in the news published by ABC de Sevilla.

But AnimaNaturalis clearly points out that Movistar Plus is responsible for all of this.

stier mit blutpg

With this initiative, ‘El Fundi’, President of the Union of Bullfighters, is hoping for the support of all institutions involved and is currently investigating possible scenarios for the development of new bullfighting strategies.
Fundi himself emphasizes that “the intention of this project is to create a campaign plan to save the bullfighting sector”. After these first ten battles, another significant number of broadcasts could continue.

This scenario is only intended to give bullfighting a voice and to ensure that “the thematic space is not lost. ” (!!!)

Stier in Arenan

Movistar Plus itself assumes that no subscribers will be lost in its payment channel with this measure.

This shows how important it is to fight bullfighting right now.

Do not get tired and sign and share our petition. We need every voice.


And I mean…All viewers who watch the live executions via Movistar Plus and are enthusiastic about it even in Corona times must be mentally weak primitives who want to forget their current misery and their catastrophic economic future through bloody spectacles on television.

The ruling left-wing coalition in Spain actually wants to cut all subsidies for the Corridas, and would like to ban them completely.
A referendum on this is already in preparation.

But the conservative and corrupt former Rahoy government with its then parliamentary majority declared bullfighting as a national intangible cultural asset in November 2013.
An eyesore in the deepest dark Spain.
And this shameful law still applies.

It is a serious impudence to think of the bullfighting program on TV during the coronary crisis, when many people are financially ruined and the country is most affected by the pandemic of all European countries.

But this is more than understandable.
Anyone who does bloody business with the bull massacre usually loses sympathy and humanity towards people.

stier blutenderjpg

My best regards to all, Venus

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