Austria: Corona regulations do not apply to hunters

Foreign hunting tenants are allowed to enter!


The strict entry requirements to Austria will remain in force until the end of May.

There are reliefs for nursing staff or for foreign tenants, for example. There are 300 territories in Tyrol that are leased to foreigners.

They do not have to show a certificate on entry (!!)
Basically, people who want to travel from abroad have to show a negative coronavirus test result that is not older than four days or they go into a 14-day quarantine.
Hunting tenants don’t have to be in quarantine!

These restrictions do not apply to commuters. And these restrictions are now no longer applicable to foreign tenants.

They do not need a medical certificate, nor do they need to be quarantined (!!!)

It is sufficient to submit a hunting lease contract or a contract for shooting wild animals.

Jäger im Hochsitz

There are 1,300 hunting areas in Tyrol, 300 of which are leased by foreigners. The relief has to do with the hunting season, which begins on May 15, according to the National Hunters’ Association.

It is about fulfilling the given shooting plan.


And I mean…Article 3 of human rights
(1) All people are equal before the law.
It looks like hunters have negotiated a special status with the legislature and are above the law.

Murder is murder, the systematically planned mass murder must be carried out.
This reminds us of similar “exceptions” in the Nazi era …

My best regards to all, Venus

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