Latvia: Wolf Hunting Update From Sandy.


Re our recent post about wolf hunting in Latvia:


We have been sent the following message from Sandy – thanks Sandy for your important information which says it all really. Again, the EU looking the other way when it wants to.


As per this update from Sandy; we would encourage any of our followers to provide us with further updates or information to our posts.

We are keen to hear more from Dawn about the bullfighting issue / experience she has been getting – contact us Dawn please if you have anything more to provide.


Regards Mark


Dear Venus!
Thank you for your information about the egregious situation of lynx and wolf hunting in Latvia.

As to the large carnivores Latvia has signed the European Council’s Directive 92/43/EEC on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora.

Lynx is listed under Annex II (lynx habitats have to be designated as strictly protected areas) and Annex IV (need of strict protection). In 2004 the hunters’ lobby group from Latvia with no appropriate scientific assessment of the species wolves and lynxes made efforts in the EU to get exemption for Latvia as to wolves and lynxes hunting.

For lynxes the exemption from Directive was reached only to Annex II (no need to designate specially protected areas), but there is no exemption as to Annex IV for Latvia as the EU member state.

As lynxes are subject to the Habitats Directive’s Annex IV regime in Latvia, the only way provided in the Directive to make exceptions to the killing prohibition is through derogations.

The EU should know that there is a blatant violation of Directive 92/43/EEC as regards the hunting derogation of lynxes and wolves in operation in Latvia.

Thank you and
best regards,


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