Welcome Friends From Cambodia – For Your Information.




Our ‘Clustrmap’; https://clustrmaps.com/site/1a9kn   or world map showing visitors to the site, can be a pretty useful thing. It tells us where our daily visitors are from around the world, and it tells us of the number of visitors.


So, by pure chance, I was looking today and noticed that we have some visitor friends from Cambodia. So, it was time to delve a little deeper and find out more about Cambodian animal rights. A simple Google search on the engine took me to ‘Animal Rescue Cambodia’.


Here is a link to their site:





I then hooked it over to ‘World Animal Net’; which is a site we use to find welfare organisations in any part of the world – this is really useful if you are in the area and need help or assistance, as many links to the organisations are given.

So I typed in a search for ‘Cambodia’; and was given the following:




Our visitor friends from Cambodia may well be familiar with all of these organisations, but maybe they are not – so if we can help by giving national groups that may be of help to animals in need then we are happy to do it.

Here is the WAN link – http://worldanimal.net/ – then go to the ‘Directory’ tab at the top of the page, select your global area and search for helping organisations.

As I say, a really useful tool and I have used it a lot in the past when needing requests for help from Serbia. On our other site SAV – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/   – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/


If nothing else; these may help people in need to get further assistance for animals in need.


Regards Mark


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