Australia: Covid 19 Crew; Special Exemptions for Sailing Sheep In Extreme Summer Heat; Possible Covid Spread To Another Nation – What A Desperate Government and Live Export Business !!!



AL-KUWAIT - IMO 6705303 - Callsign 9KKS - - Ship ...



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So now the possibility of ‘an exemption’ to allow animals to be exported when they should not. In addition, the ship (Al-Kuwait) with crewmembers suffering from Covid 19, possibly sailing to foreign shores and taking the disease there with them ! – wow; this just sums up how bloody desperate the Australian government and live export industry are to keep their trade going. Prepared to take the risk of human health in another country by potentially allowing this vessel to sail.

Seems like they care just as little for human life as they do for the animals they transport. Sick, all of them – literally !

We totally support Lyn and the crew (and all other folk fighting this trade) at Animals Australia and wish them the best for success in getting this stopped. As for the government and the exporters; they are bastards; simple as that; putting money before the welfare of animals and now humans. Lets hope the trade goes to the wall and that in the near future the Australian people vote in a government that does give a shit about the environment and compassion to all living beings.


Hi Mark,

You may have seen reports in the media of a COVID-19 outbreak onboard a live export ship, the Al-Kuwait, which is docked in Fremantle. This situation is still unfolding, with predictions that further crew members could be diagnosed with the virus.

Back in March, we wrote to the Department of Agriculture expressing concerns about the heightened risks that the global coronavirus pandemic posed to crew members and animals. As you know, seafarers live and work in close and unhygienic conditions and have no access to medical care. Risks of shipment rejections increased dramatically as a result of COVID-19 implications.

The sheep who were supposed to be loaded onto the Al-Kuwait remain in an export feedlot while their fate is determined. In theory, this delay should mean a reprieve from live export for these animals as new regulations prohibiting voyages during the Northern summer come into effect next week.

However, we’ve read concerning media reports that indicate an exemption could be granted to the exporter to allow a shipment in June.

We have expressed our opposition to this in the strongest possible terms to the Department of Agriculture today and will again tomorrow during a teleconference.

Any exemption would obviously be totally unacceptable given the well-known heat stress risks that these animals would face.

I will be in touch again when we know more, and we will of course let you know if we need you to amplify our efforts on behalf of these animals. But for now, I wanted you to know that we are are doing all we can to ensure that the welfare of these sheep is prioritised.

Warm regards,

Animals Australia.



One thought on “Australia: Covid 19 Crew; Special Exemptions for Sailing Sheep In Extreme Summer Heat; Possible Covid Spread To Another Nation – What A Desperate Government and Live Export Business !!!”

  1. All the use, torture and killing of all animals will cease with the legalization of the death penalty for the perpetrators of these crimes.Let us legalize the death penalty, because it is the only moral punishment for criminals within our species who use, torture and kill animals.Is homo sapiens sapiens still so primitive that he doesn’t understand this?


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