USA: Nationwide Slaughter Free City Discussions – Get Involved 28/5/20 – See Below.






Dear Friends,                                                                                

I want to urge you to register ASAP for this important webinar tomorrow, Thursday 5/28. There are over 80 slaughterhouses in NYC but they exist in every major city in the US and Canada. As a result of the pandemic of Covid-19, the WHO has urged the closing of all wet markets and there is a nationwide SlaughterFreeCity movement in response. You are sure to find this webinar of great interest…and it is open to all; so please share with associates and on social media!

All the best,




Dear Friends,

My name is Tamara Bedic. I am the co-Vice President of the National Lawyers Guild (NYC) and Chair of its Animal Rights committee.

Although our Animal Rights committee used to meet in person, COVID-19 changed all that, and we’re now meeting online and inviting all activists and interested parties to join us.

I hosted our first online meeting in April called: ‘Wuhan, Wet Markets & Wildlife’. Our speaker was renowned Sino-American wildlife expert and animal activist Prof. Peter Li of Houston University. We concluded that webinar with comments by Assemblymember Rosenthal, who subsequently went on to draft a bill to close New York’s 80+ slaughterhouses, an essential step in ridding our neighborhoods of these disease-ridden, inhumane, wet-markets.

The poll that immediately followed April’s webinar asked attendees to choose a follow-up topic of preferred interest. “New York’s slaughterhouses” was by far the issue on every one’s mind; it won the poll by a landslide.

Bill A10399 / S08291 came into being around May 4th, but the clock is ticking on the session calendar.  Meanwhile, the slaughterhouses are operating as ‘essential businesses’, despite having accumulated (in some cases) dozens of violations (as our FOIA requests bear witness). 

So as you see, lots to analyze and discuss at the next meeting. Helping us along are:

•Prof. Ethan Taylor of Univ. of North Carolina, researcher in emerging zoonotic viral infections;

•Gail Eisnitz, Chief Investigator and author of “Slaughterhouse.”

•Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal, Sponsor of New York’s A10399; and

•New York State Senator Luis Sepúlveda, Sponsor of parallel bill, S08291.

I welcome you to join our webinar on Thursday, May 28th, at noon, (Eastern time).

The invite link is below.

Cheers and thank you!




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