India: Amazing Rescues From Animal Aid Unlimited – August 2020. We Hope Video Links Work !

Dear Mark,

Happy Rakhi, to our brothers and sisters in animal protection and to our animal brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is an important holiday here in India celebrating protection of someone you love. It expresses the bondbetween brothers and sisters, whether related by blood, or by love. Thank you, because you have expressed the real meaning of Rakhi every time you’ve helped someone vulnerable, of any species, colour, age or kind.

Orlando’s unbearable neck pain is gone!

Whoever says animals can’t speak hasn’t met Orlando. His sorrowful cries told a group of strangers that he was in excruciating pain and needed help. His worrying eyes expressed his confusion when we brought him to the examination table. And his adoring smile announced as clear as a bell that he loved his care-giver, Dhapu. Meet Orlando, whose injuries were invisible, so he told us all about them.

Animals can speak. They say “I hurt.” They say “I feel better now.”

And they say Thank You. Please donate.

Abandoned and disabled: getting Pumba back on his feet.

This sweet boy was abandoned when his guardians no longer wanted him. He may have lost his ability to walk because he was not allowed to move around. He had no strength at all. We call him Pumba, and he is one of the most adorable individuals you’ll ever meet. Watch the beautiful efforts of staff and volunteers to get Pumba back on his feet.

If you’re in India, he is available for adoption to a loving family who promises never to chain him again, and to give this very social boy at least 2 hours every day to exercise and play with dog and human friends.

And wherever you live, adopt a rescue dog.

Click here to adopt:

Surgery saved Janvi from an enormous tumour

Time was running out for this very lady-like older street dog. An enormous and rapidly-growing abdominal tumor was within weeks –maybe days–of becoming fatal. Janvi’s abundant peacefulness is a deep part of her nature. The trust she gave tells of the kindness she’s received from her human neighbours who were so glad to welcome her back after surgery.

With help, even a big problem can disappear. Please donate

Be Baby Boy’s True Love!

Sponsor Baby Boy or one of his friends today!

Baby Boy is the ambassador of the cow nation. Gentle as a kitten, he loves cuddles, kisses, and belly rubs! He was rescued in 2012 after his leg was run over and broken by a vehicle. His leg healed with time but it left him with a serious limp. When you come to Animal Aid he’ll be one of the first “people” you meet!

With your help we will give these sweethearts protection,

shelter and love for the rest of their lives.

WAV Comment – click below to see all the amazing team who help and care so much for all the animals.

Celebrate the staff: Our Medical Team!

Every morning they gather to determine the strategy for handling special cases and the day’s particular challenges. Our paravets treat animals non-stop every day from 8 in the morning until midnight, and their expertise has saved thousands of animals. Thank you Mangilal, Shravan, Pradeep, Arjun, Ravi, Himmat, Raju, Bharat, Pavan, Dr Vaibhav, and Dr Anca.

Meet the rest of the team:

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