Australia: We Know the Government There Is From Another Planet; But We Have to Continue the Pressure to Stop Live Exports For the Animals. We Are Their Only Voice – Speak Out Link Below.

Exhausted, lying helpless on the scorching road and about to be stuffed alive into a car boot. She is one of thousands of Australian sheep we found being offered for illegal sale and slaughter across Jordan during the recent ‘Festival of Sacrifice’. And, sadly, in Indonesia, we discovered and documented the unthinkable occurring again…

Now we need your help to call for the Australian exporters responsible to be stripped of their licences.

Mark, when Australia’s live export industry ignores regulations, it makes an inherently cruel industry even crueller. Which is why I am so very grateful for your generosity and support which ensured our team of investigators were exactly where animals needed them to be.

Evidence gathered during our latest investigations reveals widespread breaches of Australia’s live export laws, with sheep and cattle being subjected to cruelties that the industry has long promised had been wiped out.

Exporters would have been banking on COVID-19 restricting our ability to monitor their activities, but, as ever, they underestimated the commitment of our supporters and the courage of our investigators. Thanks to you we were able to gather the evidence to lodge legal complaints and we will do all we can to hold those responsible to account.

Here’s just a snapshot of the media confirming a ‘regulatory system’ in complete disarray:

Perhaps our most shocking discovery in recent days is that some Australian cattle exported to Indonesia were still being killed in brutal slaughter boxes that were banned after our landmark investigation in 2011.

In these Australian government-approved — and industry-audited — slaughterhouses, animals were also being subjected to horrific roping slaughter. This is another outlawed practice that sees frightened animals pulled and tripped onto their sides before having their throats cut while fully conscious.

Mark, if live exporters thought a global pandemic would hamper our investigations, they were wrong. If they thought restricted international travel this year would provide them with a protective shield in importing countries, they were also wrong.

Thanks to your support, our dedicated team of local investigators were there for animals in the most difficult of circumstances this year. Our promise to you, to them — and to the animals — is that we’ll use this evidence to push for the strongest possible action. Please take a moment to add your voice to these calls here.

Speak Out Here:

Mark, having been in Indonesia in 2011 as well as in the Middle East on countless occasions witnessing what animals endure, I know you will also be thinking, ‘when will this end’?

All I can say to you is that a day will come when this industry will be no more. And when that day comes you will know that it was your compassion for these animals, and your commitment to stay the course with us, that was a key reason why.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for enabling us to be there for animals.

With my deepest thanks,

Lyn White AM
Investigations Director

P.S. Our investigators working across eight countries also gathered evidence that will fuel our efforts to end live export from Europe and South America. We’ll be working with our international team to maximise outcomes for all of the victims of this global trade in animal cruelty, thanks to you.

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