Good Day !

Hi all;

Venus and I want to thank you very much for all the awesome mails we are getting back from our animal friends who are enjoying reading the articles that we are posting.

We cannot return individual mails as there are too many arriving, but thanks go to, amongst others; Barbara Crane Navarro – Rainforest Art Project; Jincy; Climate Change Take Action Now; Someone 52; Plans 66; Plastic kills, our garbage kills; Optimal Health; thefreeorg; Keena; and any others who we have not mentioned here.  Your support is very much appreciated.

We do this site, and the sister site ‘Serbian Animals Voice  – check us out at to find a bit more of our past work, solely as volunteers; there is no financial incentive and everything we publish is to help spread the word for the animals in need and to try and inform people of issues and things that they may not be aware of.

A good day today (16/8) with many hundreds of visits to the site.

Please stick with us – music has always been a love of mine; you can see a lot of my (Mark) favourites at  so check some out as we know all the doom and gloom of animal abuse means we all need to take time to chill in other ways sometimes.

Today has been a good day – enjoy the video;

Regards and thanks to you all – Mark and Venus.

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