Ireland: Phil Hogan; EU Commissioner and PRO Live Animal Export Voice, Now Resigns After Being Naughty. Great News (Revenge ?) for For the Animals He Sent for Export.

I did not break any law': Phil Hogan formally resigns as EU commissioner

Photo – Irish Times.

We have never been fans of Phil Hogan – he is pro live animal exports and as the ex Agriculture Commissioner at the EU; disregarded anything that the EU Parliament did with regard to amending live animal transport regulations. 

Read more here:

Well now he has been forced to resign from the EU for flouting Covid regulations.

Bye Phil – take a well deserved and very very long hike – you have never done any animal any favors and as far as we are concerned you have now got your just rewards. 

We are only sorry that it took so long for people like you to get hit. 

We are sure that all the animals will be rejoicing along with us at the news today.

So go away and stay away.

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