France: Investigation shows dogs bred for animal testing in France.

Investigation shows dogs bred for animal testing in France

12 August 2020


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In Auvergne, a huge farm supplies between 1,000 and 2,000 Beagles each year to animal experimentation laboratories around the world.

In Gannat, there is a site inaccessible to the public, surrounded by fences, barbed wire, equipped with video surveillance and alarm systems. A high security prison? A military complex? No.

When we manage to glance through it to obtain a few images, we can see rows of dozens of small bare enclosures with access to concrete courtyards where beagles are locked up. These dogs are known for their gentle and affectionate character, but they will be sold as “laboratory equipment”.

According to official 2018 figures , in France, 2 million animals are used in laboratories. Rodents, fish, reptiles, macaques, marmosets, dogs, cats, horses undergo more or less invasive, more or less painful, more or less fatal experiments. However, there are alternatives to animal testing.

One of the measures of the referendum for animals, which L214 is carrying with many personalities and French NGOs, is the ban on animal testing when alternatives exist.

The post ‘Investigation shows dogs bred for animal testing in France’ is modified from an article published by L214 Éthique & Animaux in their original language.

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