Germany is developing into the largest animal testing laboratory in the world.

Animal testing: Germany refuses to adapt to EU requirements – take action now!

Infringement proceedings are currently underway against Germany because EU requirements for the protection of animals in test laboratories have not yet been sufficiently implemented.

Eight years late, the federal government is now submitting completely inadequate draft laws, which, however, continue to ignore important animal welfare requirements. Call on the responsible minister to remedy the deficiencies!

Brussels / Stuttgart, August 16, 2018 – breaches of contract: The EU Commission, based in Brussels, has informed six European countries about inadequacies in the national legislation on the protection of animals in the test laboratories.

Each member state had to implement the EU directive “for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes” in its laws by 2012.

However, around eight years later, the Commission still found numerous shortcomings in the national laws of Estonia, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain.

PETA Germany, together with PETA UK, has asked the responsible ministries to no longer allow experiments on animals and is starting an online petition.

8 years too late: BMEL (German Ministry of Food and Agriculture) presents draft laws! That is also inadequate!

In the summer of 2018, the EU Commission reprimanded those six EU countries for failing to implement various legislation on the protection of animals in test laboratories – including Germany.

Up until November 10, 2012, each EU member state had the task of implementing the “Directive 2010/63 / EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes” in its national legislation.

Now, almost eight years (!) after the deadline was exceeded, and with EU infringement proceedings on the back of its neck, the federal government is submitting corresponding drafts.

“Among other things, the German law allows that despite the requirements of the EU Animal Experiments Directive, no appropriate inspections are carried out in test laboratories,” said Dr. Christopher Faßbender, ecotoxicologist and research assistant at PETA Germany.
“In addition, the wording of the German legislation does not sufficiently specify the requirements for the expertise of the staff in such facilities and the presence of veterinarians.”

These are still more than inadequate and sometimes keep back doors open so that we can continue as before.

PETA criticizes that the animal experiment requirements of the EU are therefore inadequate, but not even THESE minimum requirements are met by the national legislation in Germany and in the other warned countries.

There is, among other things, a legal expert report on the situation in Germany, which attests to numerous violations of animal experimentation law.

Online petition: Please implement the EU guidelines on animal experiments with regard to animal welfare!

(Petition text):

Dear Federal Minister,

As I have learned, the German government is currently submitting draft laws to the EU Commission in order to remedy the deficiencies in the implementation of the “Directive 2010/63 / EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes” criticized in infringement proceedings. However, the draft laws still have significant shortcomings that would continue to allow procedures that are contrary to animal welfare and European law. I appeal to you to immediately ensure that your legislation complies with the standards set out in the directive. A comprehensive overview and statement on the currently inadequate draft laws have already been sent to you by a merger of various animal welfare associations.

It is contrary to the values ​​of an ethically responsible society to conduct experiments on animals.
No animal – monkey, dog, or mouse – deserves to be locked in a small laboratory cage and subjected to abuse that would be illegal outside of laboratory buildings.

In addition, systematic reviews have repeatedly found that animal experiments are of little use to humans and are also extremely uneconomical.
Available funds should not be invested in animal experiments, but in animal-free, human-relevant methods so that sick people can be helped more quickly and Germany can become a global pioneer for innovative science.

As long as animal experiments are still part of the scientific system, I appeal to your sympathy and ask you to act immediately: Please implement the EU guidelines on animal experiments with regard to animal welfare and remedy the deficiencies!

Best regards


Please sign and share:


And I mean…What has the EU checked in these countries over these eight years?
Nothing, because Germany is the EU!
Germany can afford to break laws in the EU area without any consequences.
As in the present case.

If we didn’t have the undercover investigations of the animal rights activists of the “SOKO animal welfare association”, the criminals in LPT (Hamburg) and the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen would still practice their animal cruelty illegally but undisturbed.

Facit: In Germany, we have a so-called animal protection law which in fact says:” Nobody should inflict pain, suffering or harm on an animal without a reasonable cause”. The only question is, what should be a “reasonable reason”?

According to our experience and the video documentation, not only an economic interest is sufficient as a “reasonable reason “, but sadism and animal hatred as well.

In German laboratories, we have a great deal of illegal animal suffering because animal experiments are largely excluded from the Animal Welfare Act and therefore discovered violations of the law are not punished.

If the EU were not under pressure from the oligarchs, the Commission should normally have jailed those responsible eight years ago.

For information: According to the federal government, 2.8 million animals were used in animal experiments in 2017.
Around 740,000 of them were killed for scientific purposes without any tests on them.

Killing 740,000 living beings without testing them is not research. It is murder.


My best regards to all, Venus

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