Rabbits and some important facts about them

Did you know rabbit teeth never stop growing? Or that rabbits can jump up to ten feet? As well as being social and sensitive animals, rabbits are incredibly fascinating. We’ve rounded up eleven fun facts about rabbits that you definitely didn’t know!

1. Rabbits are escape animals

Rabbits are always on the lookout. This is particularly evident from the fact that they are very cautious and behave more fearfully. For example, when rabbits are fooled by a human, they often become numb or try to free themselves by jumping uncontrollably.

2. Rabbits move as much as cats

Rabbits have the same urge to move around like cats. They need a lot of space and love to exercise in the fresh air.

3. Rabbits digest twice
Rabbits eat a special part of their excrement called appendix feces. This enables them to digest the food that is difficult to digest, such as crude fiber.

4. Rabbits are group animals

In the wild, rabbits live in large groups and have distinctive social behavior. Like us humans, they need conspecifics to be happy.

5. Rabbits defend their territory

Rabbits are very territorial and even defend their territory in a fighting manner if necessary.

6. Rabbit teeth will grow for a lifetime
Rabbit teeth never stop growing. The animals, therefore, wear off their teeth, for example by gnawing on branches. If they do not do this, the teeth may be misaligned.

7. Rabbits warn their conspecifics with knocking noises

Rabbits signal anger, discomfort, excitement, or fear by quickly so-called drumming with their hind legs on the ground. This also warns group members. The knock is usually followed by a quick sprint at high speed in order to outrun the possible enemy and hide in a shelter.

8. Rabbits are real jumping talents

Depending on their height and approach, rabbits can jump up to three meters with a single jump. They hook hooks and jump into the air in order to be able to escape their enemies better, but also out of arrogance and comfort.


9. Rabbits practice social grooming
By cleaning their fellow rabbits, rabbits show each other their affection and encourage togetherness. Basically, groups of rabbits and couples spend a lot of time together. They eat food together and sleep snuggled together or close to their fellows.

10. Rabbits “crunch” when they feel well

By lightly rubbing their teeth together, rabbits make a low noise that sounds like teeth chattering or crackling. You thereby express your comfort.

11. Rabbits can scream very loudly

Basically, rabbits are very quiet animals that communicate with their conspecifics primarily through behavior and body language. However, if a rabbit is in agony or agony, the animals utter a very loud, high-pitched cry.

Kaninchen beim kuscheln
Would you like to take a rabbit?

If you want to give a rabbit a home, please contact an animal shelter near you. Countless cute rodents are waiting for you there.
Find out about the keeping and nutrition of the animals. For example, did you know that according to current veterinary guidelines, rabbits should not be kept in cages?

Anyone who treats rabbits lovingly and offers them a sufficiently large free space in the outdoor enclosure, as well as species-appropriate living and employment opportunities and an attractive “cave”, can be sure to have balanced, healthy, and satisfied animals around them.


If you need more information about the correct keeping of rabbits, please contact us

My best regards to all, Venus

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