UK; Brexit Is Best Chance to End the Live Export of Animals. Fingers Crossed for 2021 and An End To the Immense Suffering.

WAV Comment – I (Mark) have campaigned against the export of live farm animals now for around 30 years. In the past I have campaigned a lot with Phil L (see Comment in article). At the end of 2020 the UK should be free from the shuackles of the EU – taking back control; which will then allow us (as a nation) to stop live animal exports – something we have not been able to do all the time a member state of the EU. I just hope other EU membvber states follow the UK in getting out of this dinosaur which ignores all the evidence as far as live animal transport is concerned.

See more about all this export work at and how the ‘head in the sand’ EU has always ifnored us and the evidence.

Regards Mark

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