New Music Video by Vegan Band Scarlet Rescue Debuting September 17th Honors Slain Animal Rights Activist Regan Russell.


schweine gucken durch transporten
Russell und Jil

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Name: Lisa Barca

Comment: New Music Video by Vegan Band Scarlet Rescue Debuting September 17th Honors Slain Animal Rights Activist Regan Russell.

“Regan’s Song” marks the three-month anniversary of her death when she was struck by a pig transport truck while protesting outside of a slaughterhouse.

CONTACT: Lisa Barca, Scarlet Rescue, (480) 747-5196

PHOENIX, AZ – September 10, 2020 – “I was devastated by Regan’s death, and when Jane called me to propose working on “Regan’s Song” together, I immediately realized what an important contribution the song would be to keeping Regan’s memory alive, telling her story, and motivating others to fight in her name by speaking out for animals,” said Lisa Barca, frontwoman of all-vegan punk band Scarlet Rescue.

The song was co-written by Lisa Barca and Jane Velez-Mitchell, television and social media journalist and author. Velez-Mitchell is the founder of #JaneUnChained, a digital news network for animal rights and the vegan lifestyle. “I felt compelled to write the song because social justice movements need music to become a cultural phenomenon. And, this martyr deserves a tribute that will remind people that she made the ultimate sacrifice. As the song says, she gave her life to spare them the knife,” said Velez-Mitchell.

“Regan’s Song” is a professionally filmed and recorded video shot in studio and includes footage of Regan Russell’s activism with Toronto Pig Save and the Save Movement’s work around the world.

Anita Krajnc, co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, said, “Regan’s Song” is an anthem song that represents a vindication for all the exploited and suffering animals Regan stood up for her entire life. In the best tradition of protest songs, the chorus is an inspiring call to action. Audiences will sing along and go vegan to ensure Regan lives on and did not die in vain.”

A sample of the lyrics from the song:

Go vegan for Regan
She didn’t die in vain
She gave her life
To spare them the knife

Go vegan with Regan
We will fight in her name
Run down and killed
Her blood was spilled

Video embargoed: Not to be released before September 17th.

Scarlet Rescue is: Lisa Barca (lead vocals, guitar, mandolin), Nathaniel Burns (drums), Stephen Davis (piano), and Dillon Pape (bass)
Instagram: @scarletrescue
YouTube: Contact for video link

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