England: Government Corona Regulations Now State A Rule of 6 (People) Maximum Can Meet. But Hunters Are Exempt ! Bigger Groups Can Shoot Game Birds From the Sky Without Worries.

There are new government regulations in force now that UP TO 6 people maximum are allowed to meet – the ‘rule of 6’ coronavirus law.

12/9 is known in the UK as the ‘glorius Twelth’ by hunters; as it is the day each year that they can start thier abuse towards animals by having hunting parties to shoot game birds. Anyone else (under the 6 rules) would not be allowed to meet in groups of more than 6 people. But as always, the Conservative Party has given in and made ‘exemptions’ which allow MORE than 6 people to blast game birds out of the sky. How very typical.

Tory government = pro hunt = crap government.



Bloodsports exempt from ‘rule of six’ coronavirus laws

Shooting and hunting groups have been exempted from the UK Government’s new ‘rule of six’ coronavirus laws.

The government has made it illegal to “mingle” under the new law enabling the enforcement of the rule in England, which came into force on Monday. But regulations published on Sunday include a number of exemptions, which including shooting and hunting, with both listed under the physical activities people can continue with in groups of more than six.

A statement on the British Association for Shooting and Conservation says: “Shooting has been added to a list of sports that are exempt from the latest COVID-19 restrictions in England. The ‘rule of six’ restrictions brought in today in England could have disrupted game shooting which usually includes eight or more people.

However, the exemption will allow shooting to operate under COVID-safe guidance.”

Ian Bell, BASC’s chief executive, said the decision to allow shooting to continue was “the right one”. “Like other team sports, shooting is able to operate under social distancing guidance, and its benefits to the rural economy and well-being makes its inclusion significant,” he said.

A Cabinet Office COVID-19 Operations ministerial committee scheduled a meeting on Saturday with an agenda item titled: “Exemption: hunting and shooting”, according to the Huffington Post. The meeting was cancelled just hours beforehand and insiders told the publication that the meeting was axed to avoid ministers raising objections.

Former minister Tracey Crouch told the Huffington Post: “Many will find this topsy-turvy prioritisation from government.

I’ve had queries about choirs, community bands, addiction therapy groups, all of whom would be worthy of an exemption and instead we are scrabbling around prioritising shooting animals. It’s bonkers.”

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