Mink massacre in Denmark: for the benefit of the perpetrators

Many claims that the Danes, and after the new virus attack from the mink factories, will finally learn something.

Do we expect the Danes to learn something?
They are the champion of fur production worldwide.
That means professional animal abusers, professional animal killers, business people who view the massacre as a work process.
Danes are gonna learn a shit!

And now we come to the point:

Why is the media only now interested in the fact that Denmark should execute 17 million innocent animals?

The Danes would do that anyway, they do that every year to 19 million mink that are locked in tiny, dirty cages on over 1,500 fur farms, where they have to lead a miserable life under unbearable conditions and are ultimately gassed.

The only difference is that it has now also caught the so-called breeding animals, which are usually killed and replaced every few years.
The fur industry means torment, misery, and slavery! And it carries a high risk of infection and other diseases!

We, the animal rights activists, have presented factory farming as an acute threat to viruses, as a virus factory, right from the start of Corona.
The fur industry is also factory farming.

Now the press is suddenly interested in the massacre to make headlines.

The reports justify the massacre in the name of the safety of those who caused the problem.

In the past the subject of fur factories was unsavory, nobody cared about how many fur animals were to leave their lives in Dachau around the world.
Now everything is different just because WE are in danger.
It’s about us, not the animals.

No fundamental debate, why are there still fur farms at all?
Why are we still doing industrial factory farming and massive animal exploitation despite Corona?

The Minister of Agriculture of Denmark Mette Frederiksen emphasized that there is now no ban on mink breeding.
Although actually now and immediately, Cina, Denmark, and Poland should ban mink breeding and production.

The Danes will learn nothing from it.
The farm owners are well compensated, and in two years the same concentration camps as mushrooms will arise overnight.

We have ALL learned nothing of the life-threatening dangers that our fascist behavior causes the “other” animals for the most part.
Instead of learning from our mistakes, we compensate for this inability with executions.

My best regards to all, Venus

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