Day: November 15, 2020

India: November Rescue Videos From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Finding unity and bringing people with diverse opinions togetheris the need of the hour in our politically complicated world. But for most everyone reading this newsletter, we all share a sense of oneness. Animals keep bringing us together. Whether or not we’re vegan; whether we voted for this one or that one; whatever our colour, country or culture; we each love animals and hate to imagine any of them suffering. No single one of us has made Animal Aid the sparkling fountain of rescues it has grown to be. We’ve done it together, and from all corners of the world, speaking dozens of different languages, wearing sarees, sarongs, or skirts; wearing blue jeans or suits, we’re pooling our resources to help the beautiful beings all around us, flying a common flag.

Hiding, delirious and desperately wounded, watch the rescue of KC (the King of Cuteness).

We never know what to expect when a wounded dog is hiding in a sewer drain, but when they do that it’s never a good sign. Desperately wounded animals seek relief in the dark hidden places, but with wounds as serious as KC’s, the pain won’t go away.

KC’s wound was filled with maggots. He threw his head around wildly, almost delirious with pain.When our rescue team arrived, he tried to get away, but, exhausted, he could only take a few steps. Once we removed the maggots, cleaned and snuggly bandaged his head, we found KC to be absolutely kingly in his cuteness, so loving that even before he took his first bite of food after the sedation wore off, he gave us one of those big-nose camera kisses.

So that’s what KC stands for. King of Cuteness, and you’ll see why here.

Your love can reach deep and lift high. Please donate.


Adopt fabulous, fun-loving Foxy!

Beautiful Foxy is the biggest sweetie-pie you could meet! Playful and petite, she captures the hearts of all who meet her with her gentle nature and enthusiasm for life.

Foxy has a rare disorder that has fused her jaws closed. She can open her jaw just enough to eat semi liquid food that must be specially prepared for her, and biting is not possible for her. A young dog, Foxy sadly had a difficult start on the streets, struggling to find food she could eat and unable to defend herself. She has some scarring on her back which makes us think she might have been mistreated – in spite of this,she is incredibly trusting and loves to snuggle up to people.

Foxy is currently being fostered with another dog who she’s great friends with, and together they love to play and go on walks, where she will lay in any puddle she can find! Due to her difficult past, Foxy gets very attached to her humans and can become anxious if she is left alone, so she needs a home where someone is around most of the day. And that person will be as lucky as Foxy, who spreads cheer and love all day long.

Click here to adopt:

Suffering silently, little Chauncy needed urgent help.

Getting worse at a very fast rate, this poor little donkey’s wound, filled with maggots, would soon kill him. During monsoon season, many donkeys are let loose by their owners to forage for grass, but their owners may not see them for weeks at a time. Luckily, a passing driver saw the gaping wound and called us to the rescue. We found a very deep hole filled with maggots – but we also found one of the most modest, sweet and loveable Beings we’ve ever met. We called him Chauncy, because it sounded formal and adorable, like him.

Someone suffering in silence can heal with a song in their heart. Please donate.

Regards Mark

Wolf wisdom

“We will never cause a massacre on your pastures, as you yourself do in your well-sealed slaughterhouses”


Hopefully, the wolf will finally become a gourmet and instead of sheep, he will eat hunters.

Regards and good night, Venus

Germany: “Nothing is safe from hunters”

According to the German Hunting Association, hunters killed more raccoons than ever in the past season.

With 202,000 specimens shot nationwide in the period from April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020, it recorded an increase of 22 percent compared to the previous season, the association announced.

The spokesman for the hunting association Torsten Reinwald told the German press agency that the reason was the increasing spread of the species, which originally came from North America, in Germany.

According to Reinwald, the small bears are particularly common in a band from the northeast to Hesse.
Reinwald emphasized that between 2006 and 2017 alone, the range of nocturnal small bears more than doubled.

Raccoons are on a list of alien invasive species for which “management measures” must be implemented in the European Union.
The hunt for raccoons serves to protect the European pond turtle, explained Reinwald.

Raccoons are considered to be “food generalists” in the hunting language – Reinwald puts it this way:
“Nothing is safe from raccoons.” (!!!)

They climbed trees and are also considered good swimmers.

According to its own statements, the hunting association sees great potential for the consumption of raccoon meat. It is of high quality and in the southern USA, for example, tens of thousands of animals are eaten annually.

As with wild boars, however, an examination for trichinae is mandatory before eating raccoons.
The raccoon population in Germany goes back to animals escaped and released after the Second World War.


And I mean…The only population that should be reduced, or best eliminated, is that of the hunters.
It is about heavily armed gangs with a murderous ideology who think they can do whatever they want in the woods.
And anyone who disagrees will be intimidated at gunpoint.

Hunters are not interested in the protection of the European turtles, the chatter about population control and damage limitation against wild invasions is only a deceptive appearance and does not even work for the dumbest of the dumb

It is shameful that a civilized society allows itself to be terrorized by a miserable hunter minority of 0.49% of the population.

My best regards to all, Venus

Senate Committee on Culture and Sports of Spain: “Death is not art”

The Senate Committee on Culture and Sports has rejected this Thursday a motion of the Popular Party asking the Government to promote actions to promote bullfighting and recognize it as a “sign of identity of Spain.”

“Treating animals like this, cannot be part of our culture, nor receive public money”

The motion was rejected this Thursday with the vote against by all the groups of the Senate Committee on Culture and Sports, except for the Popular Party and Vox (right-wing populist party), who voted in favor.

The Popular Party (PP) defended in its text that “bullfighting is a set of activities that are directly connected with the exercise of fundamental rights and public freedoms protected by the Constitution, such as those of thought and expression, production and literary and artistic creation, scientific and technical “, something that has been criticized by the rest of the groups, except Vox (right-wing populist party)

During the defense of the motion, the PP senator María de las Mercedes Cantalapiedra assured that Bullfighting is “the most important mass spectacle in this country after football”, to which the senator of “Esquerra Republicana” Bernat Picornell has replied that..

«The bullfighting festivities are not the second show in this country, but the tenth, behind football, cinema, monuments and sites, museums, concerts of contemporary music and classical music, exhibitions, theater and art galleries. So let’s say things by name and don’t make things up.

In addition, he has defended that “killing an animal is not a culture in the 21st century” and added that bullfighting “has fewer followers every day.”

Picornell also recalled that a few days ago the European Parliament asked to withdraw the aid associated with the breeding of fighting bulls.

The PSOE (Social Democratic Party) senator Miguel Ángel Vázquez has reproached the “popular” [the conservative Popular Party] for bringing to the Upper House “a bull already fought” with the intention of “rivaling the extreme right in the field of identity”, and he has described as “authentic nonsense” to link the defense of bullfighting to fundamental rights, although he has recognized that bullfighting is “an ingrained tradition.”

Finally, he has finished explaining that they would vote against because the position of the PSOE in the face of bullfighting is that of “neither promoting nor prohibiting.” (!!!)

Along the same lines, the senator of “Adelante” Andalucía María Pilar González has confirmed that her group would vote against it, claiming that “We deny the strategic, historical and cultural value of bullfighting.”

In addition, the senator of “Junts Per Catalunya” Assumpció Castellví has ​​assured that “The bull suffers pain, under no circumstances can it be said that the animal does not suffer”, he stressed.

The only one who has aligned himself with the PP’s motion has been the Vox ((right-wing populist party) senator Jacobo González-Robatto who has defined Bullfighting as an “essential part of Spanish cultural heritage” and has lamented that it has been a sector “very punished by the pandemic” and by “the management” of the Government.

“For you bullfighting is violence and Otegui [a Basque politician] a man of peace, we are going badly,” he added.


And I mean…The Spaniards should be proud of the committee’s refusal to recognize this primitive and bloody spectacle as a “sign of Spanish identity”.
Not all Spaniards are lacking in empathy and education like the corrupt garden gnomes of PP, Vox, and PSOE.
The majority reject bullfighting, only a bunch of idiots still believes in bullfighting, and they are proud of this primitive culture of prehistoric men.
Bullfights and celebrations with bulls or other animals have nothing to do with culture or art!

We are very close, not least thanks to Corona, to ban this barbaric industry once and for all.

My best regards to all, Venus