Day: November 16, 2020

USA: 16/11/20 – New York City Wet Markets / Covid – Still Blood In the Streets !!

16/11/20 – New York – Still Blood in the Streets !

NYC Wet Market Bloody Chicken Parts In Dumpster… Leaking Into Street!!!

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New York could really use the COVID vaccine Trump‘s threatening to withhold … the Big Apple’s still seeing unsanitary practices in wet markets, and it’s on video.

The latest gross-out spectacle was on full display in Queens, where folks with the animal rights nonprofit, NYCLASS, caught a glimpse of what’s still going on in our domestic one-stop-shop slaughterhouses and live animal factories.

In the gnarly footage, you see an unattended dumpster absolutely overflowing with trash bags, which appear to be packed to the gills with cut-up animal parts … you can see a severed chicken head in a bag at the top of the heap as the dumpster sits out in the open on a sidewalk.

Not only that … check out the blood leaking from the dumpster and flowing into the street, filling up cracks in the pavement like a mini river and puddling up.

We’re told the dumpster is outside the same wet market where a similar scene was filmed back in May, so it seems like nothing has changed.

NYC and the rest of the country are dealing with another COVID wave, so it’s pretty harrowing to see these unsanitary conditions still in practice.

It goes without saying, this is a massive public health risk 8 months into the pandemic.

We’ve seen several of these wet market operations from coast to coast, like this stomach-turning scene in California.

Trump likes to talk about red states and blue states … well remember, wet markets are also operating in ruby-red Texas.

Ya gotta wonder why these issues aren’t being talked about on a national level … this is supposedly how COVID got started in the first place, right? Seems most politicians don’t wanna get near this, for whatever reason. So, the question is, why?

NYCLASS executive director Edita Birnkrant says she constantly files complaints with regulators and contacts politicians and health officials, but nothing ever happens.

Bottom line … the vaccine can’t come soon enough.

For animal rights pity is not enough

Animals United e.V.

❌💔‼ ️ Born to suffer – suffered to die: The millions of murders in German slaughterhouses
🦆 15.9 million ducks
🐔🥚 32.1 million laying hens
🦃 34.2 million turkeys
🐖 55.1 million pigs
🐔 620.5 million broilers
🐄🐑 5.2 million other animals (e.g. cattle, sheep, goats, geese, horses)
‼ ️ More than 763 million living beings died an unspeakably cruel death within the German slaughter machine in 2019!
https: // /…/ Schlachtzahlen …

Creatures are capable of emotions and suffering who wanted to live – produced, tormented, robbed of their natural treasures and murdered – only to end up packed or marinated in the freezers of local supermarkets and fresh food counters – and with their tortured bodies to satisfy our society’s hunger for meat!

Over 763 million creatures were born because of their death and whose individual needs were completely disregarded.
Their only aspiration was to thrive, love, and LIVE!

💔🐮🐷🐔 Lovable individuals who, during their far too short life, have mobilized all their resources to survive the rawness and cruelty of the system which, without being asked, has degraded them to the slaves of human consumerism.

❗️ Born to suffer – suffered to die❗️
Boycott systemic torture & mass murder – renounce meat and animal products❗️

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Animals United e.V.– For animal rights. Because pity is not enough!


And I mean…Animal welfare in Germany can look back on around 150 years of history and its structure is still valid today.

And yet this animal protection law has not prevented all the billions of mistreatment and destruction of animals in slaughterhouses, factory farms, in animal experiments, in zoos and circuses.

It declared as justice what is an injustice!

Animals can suffer at a very high level that can go beyond physical pain.
So it’s the shitty lives of millions of these animals that we mean when we talk about meat consumption. You don’t need a highly developed intelligence to understand it.

Humans are only one of many living beings on this earth who have the same right to live here in freedom as other living beings.
This human-animal is therefore in no way something better but has simply taken this fascist right to determine the life and death of other animals.

In any case, we know that we do constant bestial cruelty to animals day after day even if we take food as an example.

If a civilized person does not feel that this is a reason to be ashamed, then it is more a testimony to the shit moral development of this person.

My best regards to all, Venus

Thanks to Corona, the end of the animal circus is coming soon?

Due to the current situation, the media report daily on “needy circus companies” asking for donations, and unfortunately, supermarkets also offer the circuses a suitable stage.

“Attention! The Betolli Circus cannot hold an event due to Covid-19. We ask for donations for humans and animals
Thank you”

There is nothing wrong with donating food to animals because they are the ones who really suffer.

But in the end, the circus companies, who can no longer take care of their supposedly “beloved animals”, are asked: Do not breed any more animals or hand them over to responsible hands would be a start.

The fact that keeping animals costs money and demands a lot of responsibility is nothing new. Income has stagnated for years because there are no visitors.

Corona is now being pushed forward to press on the tear glands and generate donations.
The media is full of such reports.

Circus Kaiser in particular, which has been advertising for many years with the slogan “the one with the many animals”, has made the headlines at the moment.

Every year at Christmas time and during the year, Circus Kaiser begs for donations and, above all, for food and emphasizes what extreme animal rights activists are and how well they keep their animals.

Now they blame Corona for the lack of food and supplies and people donate without questioning …

If you criticize you will be attacked because it is not “the poor family’s fault” that they have no food. The animals now eat what the farmers give for them.
But there are new cars and caravans in front of the circus tent and one wonders where the animal population is going?
We have no idea why everyone is supporting this circus right now.

In reality, donations support people who enrich themselves through animals

In fact, it is like this: if you can’t afford the animals, you can’t keep them.
Now would be the time to hand over the animals, instead, they still earn from the fact that the animals cannot be looked after.

Aktionsbündnis – Tiere gehören nicht zum CircusGermany

And I mean…The circus industry can’t get out of the whining: hardly a day goes by that the media doesn’t report on the “poor circus performers who live on the subsistence level”

“The coronavirus threatens to destroy the circus as we know it,” warned the European Circus Association (ECA) in March in an urgent appeal to the governments of the EU countries.

“Without government help,” it says, “the circus companies will not be able to compensate for the current losses and go on tour again.”

The Circus Association received a letter from Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission, in which the circus is described as a living part of the European cultural heritage with a centuries-old history and reference is made to EU aid funds worth billions from which these companies also helped could be.

We are of the same opinion as Ursula von der Leyen, but only for the circuses that work without animals and animal suffering

Our wish is that the performance restrictions will last a very long time and that the majority of the circus tours will continue to be canceled. Nobody needs animals in the circus, who wants to see humiliated and trained animals in the arena?

At least this year nothing is going on with bullied animals that are carted across Germany for completely unnecessary entertainment – including the Christmas performances.

Finally, after years of appearances in the ring, the animals will hopefully have a quiet Christmas party without cracking whips, dressage, and screaming spectators who support and pay for this torture.

My best regards to all, Venus


SIGN: Ban Cockfighting After Cop Bleeds to Death from Spur Blade


Posted by Katie Valentine

PETITION TARGET: Republic of the Philippines Department of the Interior and Local Government

A local police officer lost his life after a razor-sharp metal spur slashed his femoral artery during an illegal cockfighting raid.He bled to death within minutes, according to the New York Times.

These spurs, known as ‘gaffs,’ are used by roosters in vicious one-on-one cockfighting death-matchesin the Philippines.

This gruesome tragedy highlights the inherently deadly nature of cockfighting, which forces roosters to wear dagger-like attachments and shred each other to pieces until one of them dies. If the terrified birds try to escape the enclosure, they’re shoved back into the fighting ring against their will.

Spectators place bets on the winners and watch as the birds stab and kill their opponents, gouging out eyes, breaking bones, and puncturing organs.

Cockfighting is legal in the Philippines. But certain events, including this cruel blood sport, are temporarily banned due to coronavirus-related fears.

It’s time for an end to cockfighting, which needlessly kills countless innocent birds and risks human health and safety.

Sign this petition urging the Department of the Interior and Local Government to issue a permanent, nationwide ban against cruel cockfighting events.


Petition Link:

Cheap supermarket chicken risking ‘catastrophic’ new pandemics, report warns.

Most chickens are bred to grow excessively rapidly, leaving them with low immunity

Report warns that supermarket chicken risk ‘catastrophic’ new pandemics

16 November 2020

Intensively reared chicken for meat from supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury and the Co-op is creating an ideal environment for new pandemic viruses to emerge, a report warns.

The “cocktail” of infections to which birds are subjected creates a near-perfect breeding ground for a disease outbreak of pandemic potential, according to the report by the non-profit organisation Open Cages.

The authors of the report warn that a new bird flu virus with “high transmissibility” would make COVID-19 appear mild claiming that supermarkets are primarily responsible for this “cruel and dangerous” system, because to keep prices low, they reportedly buy chicken from farms with overcrowded conditions that mean disease can spread easily.

They also allegedly use breeds engineered to grow unnaturally rapidly, known as “frankenchickens”, that are “practically unable to ward off infection when it strikes” because their immune systems are so weak.

Nearly a billion broiler (meat) chickens a year are reared in the UK, making it the country’s most-farmed land creature.


Cheap supermarket chicken risking ‘catastrophic’ new pandemics, report warns

Exclusive: Bird flu viruses more frequent than ever, and a highly infectious one ‘would make Covid-19 look mild’

Intensively reared chicken for meat from supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury and the Co-op is creating an ideal environment for new pandemic viruses to emerge, a report warns.

The “cocktail” of infections to which birds are subjected creates a near-perfect breeding ground for a disease outbreak of pandemic potential, according to the document.

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ECDC to assess risk associated with spread of SARS-CoV-2 in mink farms.

ECDC  =  European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

ECDC to assess risk associated with spread of SARS-CoV-2 in mink farms

16 November 2020

ECDC will assess the human implications of an extensive spread of SARS-CoV-2 in mink farms in Denmark, where by 3 November 197 farms had been affected in the country. Denmark is currently implementing strong control measures, including culling, restrictions of movement of people living in nearby areas and enhanced testing among the general population.

When the virus is introduced into a mink farm, it can spread quickly, leading to many cases among mink. Due to the large number of infections and possibly due to biological differences between mink and humans, the virus can accumulate mutations. Such variants have the possibility to spread back into the human population.

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