Thanks to Corona, the end of the animal circus is coming soon?

Due to the current situation, the media report daily on “needy circus companies” asking for donations, and unfortunately, supermarkets also offer the circuses a suitable stage.

“Attention! The Betolli Circus cannot hold an event due to Covid-19. We ask for donations for humans and animals
Thank you”

There is nothing wrong with donating food to animals because they are the ones who really suffer.

But in the end, the circus companies, who can no longer take care of their supposedly “beloved animals”, are asked: Do not breed any more animals or hand them over to responsible hands would be a start.

The fact that keeping animals costs money and demands a lot of responsibility is nothing new. Income has stagnated for years because there are no visitors.

Corona is now being pushed forward to press on the tear glands and generate donations.
The media is full of such reports.

Circus Kaiser in particular, which has been advertising for many years with the slogan “the one with the many animals”, has made the headlines at the moment.

Every year at Christmas time and during the year, Circus Kaiser begs for donations and, above all, for food and emphasizes what extreme animal rights activists are and how well they keep their animals.

Now they blame Corona for the lack of food and supplies and people donate without questioning …

If you criticize you will be attacked because it is not “the poor family’s fault” that they have no food. The animals now eat what the farmers give for them.
But there are new cars and caravans in front of the circus tent and one wonders where the animal population is going?
We have no idea why everyone is supporting this circus right now.

In reality, donations support people who enrich themselves through animals

In fact, it is like this: if you can’t afford the animals, you can’t keep them.
Now would be the time to hand over the animals, instead, they still earn from the fact that the animals cannot be looked after.

Aktionsbündnis – Tiere gehören nicht zum CircusGermany

And I mean…The circus industry can’t get out of the whining: hardly a day goes by that the media doesn’t report on the “poor circus performers who live on the subsistence level”

“The coronavirus threatens to destroy the circus as we know it,” warned the European Circus Association (ECA) in March in an urgent appeal to the governments of the EU countries.

“Without government help,” it says, “the circus companies will not be able to compensate for the current losses and go on tour again.”

The Circus Association received a letter from Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission, in which the circus is described as a living part of the European cultural heritage with a centuries-old history and reference is made to EU aid funds worth billions from which these companies also helped could be.

We are of the same opinion as Ursula von der Leyen, but only for the circuses that work without animals and animal suffering

Our wish is that the performance restrictions will last a very long time and that the majority of the circus tours will continue to be canceled. Nobody needs animals in the circus, who wants to see humiliated and trained animals in the arena?

At least this year nothing is going on with bullied animals that are carted across Germany for completely unnecessary entertainment – including the Christmas performances.

Finally, after years of appearances in the ring, the animals will hopefully have a quiet Christmas party without cracking whips, dressage, and screaming spectators who support and pay for this torture.

My best regards to all, Venus

2 thoughts on “Thanks to Corona, the end of the animal circus is coming soon?”

  1. Ich finde es eine frechheit einfach plakate zu fotografieren und auf dieser Seite hier zu stellen

    Nein sorry dank corona lebt der circus weiter und weiter weil es sehr hilfsbereite Menschen gibt und den circus mit Tieren ein deutsches Kultur Erbe nicht austerben lassen wollen aber danke das ihr Werbung macht danke


    1. Kevin,
      First of all, the next time you write here I would like to ask that you do it in English so that everyone can understand it
      You wrote that you think it’s a cheek to photograph posters and put them here on this page.
      By the way: I do that with every one of my articles.

      Then you claimed that-contrary to my hypothesis – the circus with animals continues to live, it is supported by helpful people because the circus with animals is a German cultural heritage that must not be allowed to die out….
      In Europe, there are 31 countries that have banned this cruel “heritage”.
      Worldwide there are 17 countries that have done the same, among them is Bolivia, which is so poor that it urgently needs to make money with enslaved clowns and not rich Germany.
      If someone advocates the enslavement and violent training of wild animals in the circus and calls this the cultural heritage of his country, then he is either from the industry or a primitive, disinterested person.


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