Day: November 19, 2020

USA: News from the Center for Biological Diversity – Endangered Earth – November 2020.

News from the Center for Biological Diversity

Endangered Earth – November 2020.

Trump Pushes Oil Industry for More Arctic Drilling

With his presidency now nearing its end, Trump is rushing through a process to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s coastal plain to lease for oil drilling.

The administration has invited oil companies to name the areas they’d like to drill in one of the nation’s most iconic and sacred landscapes. The Center for Biological Diversity joined Indigenous groups this week in condemning the move.

“On his way out the door, Trump is trying to lock in climate chaos and the extinction of polar bears and other endangered Arctic species. This is unconscionable,” said the Center’s Kristen Monsell. “The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge can’t be replaced, so we can’t let this president give it away to Big Oil.”

Learn more and speak up for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Tell the EPA: Choose Pollinators Over Poisons

We can thank pollinators like bees for 1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat. We owe a lot to them — and now they urgently need our help.

The Environmental Protection Agency is about to approve yet another toxic pesticide. Called tetraniliprole, it’s acknowledged by the agency to be “highly toxic” to bees and aquatic insects. This new approval for its use on many pollinator-attractive plants — including peppers, tomatoes, peaches, cherries and oranges — will likely fall to the next administration.

Roughly 40% of the world’s insects may be facing extinction. The last thing they need is another poison to contend with. Tell the EPA in the Biden administration to keep tetraniliprole off our food and away from our bees.

Legal Roundup: Montana, Wyoming and the Virginias

The Center’s legal work of the last few weeks has focused on protecting interconnected resources: habitat, climate, and clean air and water.

In Montana we filed a legal protest challenging a massive logging project that would clearcut thousands of acres — including old-growth trees — and threaten an imperiled population of grizzly bears and protected Canada lynx habitat.

In Wyoming we challenged a plan to approve the sale of fracking leases on 275,000 acres of public land. Fracking those leases would destroy habitat for greater sage grouse, worsen air quality and cause up to 43 million tons of climate pollution.

And an appeals court has sided with the Center and partners by issuing an immediate stay of Mountain Valley Pipeline’s stream and wetland crossing permits in northwestern West Virginia to southern Virginia: a win for both people and imperiled species.


Center Op-ed: What’s Next for Wolves

Gray wolves face an uncertain future after the Trump administration’s recent move to strip their Endangered Species Act protections.

But as the Center’s Collette Adkins writes in a new Chicago Tribune op-ed, President-elect Biden will now have the chance to break from the path taken by his predecessors. He can direct federal wildlife agencies to embrace a science-backed, full recovery of wolves in the lower 48 states.

And if Biden chooses instead to let the delisting to stand? Well, we’ve been in that fight before. Whatever comes next for wolves, we’ll be on the front lines to protect them.

Saving Humboldt Martens — New Hopes, New Threats

“Martens belong to the weasel family and look a bit like squirrels that have been stretched out and trained for battle: cute, but ferocious.”

That’s one of our favorite sentences from this engaging new article on the plight of Humboldt martens, secretive carnivores usually associated with old-growth forests. One marten population, however, has managed to survive in the sand dunes of Oregon in a tiny strip of shore pines.

Follow along as a conservationist and her marten-tracking dog sniff out these rare, fascinating little mammals. You’ll learn the latest on the species’ plight, including from the Center’s Tierra Curry, who’s helped lead our successful decade-long campaign to win federal protection for Humboldt martens.

Wild & Weird: Testing Facial Recognition for Bears

Silicon Valley developers have teamed up with biologists and conservationists to develop artificial intelligence software that can identify, with some success, the faces of individual bears. The app they developed, BearID, could one day be used to monitor the health of bear populations around the world.

Read more at The New York Times.

Seven murder towers demolished in Czechia

from the website of “North American Animal Liberation Press Office”

Seven hunting towers have been damaged in the north of Czechia. The object is located on a hot-spot of carbofuran poisonings.

Carbofuran is a very toxic chemical widely used by hunters to get rid of natural predators. Intoxication results in respiratory failure and painful dead of the animal.

No prisoners have been convicted.

More towers are about to go down.

7 Hunting Towers Damaged (Czech Republic)

At least from these places, no more animals will be shot.
Thanks to the brave activists!

My best regards to all, Venus

England: Keep Ramping for the Amazon. Over 24,000 Messages Sent – Keep It Going !

Please keep it going !

Greenpeace tell us that he has had over 24,00 messages sent to his inbox.

If he does not get the message now then what hope for him ?

Click on the link above and tell him to stop destroying the Amazon.

USA: Please Ask Joseph R. Biden, President-elect, United States of America to Re-instate Protection for Gray Wolves in the USA.


Although we are based in England and Germany (Europe); we have always given our support in calling for protection of the Gray wolves in the United States.

Click here to see all our past involvement on this:

Fortunately, with new President elect Mr Biden; there is now a chance to once again give Gray wolves the protection they deserve that has been demolished by the Trump administration.  We urge you please to give your support to the petition which is provided in the following link; and get back from the president elect the protection that wolves deserve.

Trump does not give a damn about the environment or animal protection; that is why we are more than happy to see him throw all the toys out of the pram; have numerous tantrums and be resigned to the (ex) presidential history books.  We don’t want people who dismiss science for the environment or global warming; just the same as they dismiss animal welfare and protection legislation.

We are sure that with Mr. Biden, things will be much better.  Please sign and pass on the petition, thank you.

Petition Link:


Target: Joseph R. Biden, President-elect, United States of America

Goal: Demand restoration of protected status for gray wolves.

Trump administration officials have officially stripped threatened gray wolf populations throughout most of the United States of their protection under the Endangered Species Act, leaving them vulnerable to greater hunting and predation even as their numbers were recovering from centuries of destructive human activity. Gray wolves are an essential part of many ecosystems across North America, but human settlement, pollution, hunting, and shrinking habitats have destroyed populations throughout much of their historical range.

The revocation of protected status is based on the claim that more than 6,000 wolves now live in wild populations. However, these exist in only limited areas in the northern United States, and wildlife experts say that removing federal protections may severely hinder the gray wolves’ ability to recover outside of these areas. Critics have pointed out the suspicious timing of this decision as the 2020 election winds down. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden pledge to restore protected status to gray wolves to ensure their complete recovery in the regions they once inhabited.


Dear Mr. President-elect,

The gray wolf was once an essential part of ecosystems across North America, helping to control pest populations and provide balance to numerous delicate food chains. Once near extinction, they have made a partial recovery, but that progress could soon be destroyed by the outgoing Trump administration. It falls to you to provide the protection needed by gray wolves to ensure a complete recovery in the coming months as you take up your duties. I urge you to act quickly to save our threatened wildlife.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: dalliedee

You failed wolves – you lost the vote !

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Canada: 20 Canadian Stars Sent MOD Pizza’s CEO a Powerful Message About Animal Welfare.

MOD Pizza—a company with no meaningful animal welfare policies in place—has opened its first location in Canada. In response, 20 passionate Canadian celebrities have taken a stand against animal cruelty and added their names to a public letter addressed to the company’s CEO, Scott Svenson.

MOD Pizza has over 400 locations across the United States and allows horrific abuse of chickens in its supply chain. At factory farms, chickens are packed into dark, waste-filled warehouses. They are commonly bred to grow so large so quickly that many suffer organ failure, heart attacks, and crippling leg deformities, often becoming immobilized in their own waste. Many even die before they reach slaughter weight.

Mercy For Animals has repeatedly urged MOD Pizza to join competitors Blaze Pizza, Chipotle, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Burger King, and Papa John’s in adopting the Better Chicken Commitment, a set of standards that will meaningfully improve chicken welfare in each company’s supply chain. So far, MOD Pizza has failed to do so.

The 20 celebrities who have added their names to the public letter are 

Jason Priestley, Sarah Jeffery, Brett Dier, Tricia Helfer, Jake Epstein, Cassie Steele, Serinda Swan, Cody Kearsley, Tara Strong, Nick Bateman, Sarah Grey, Nolan Gerard Funk, Katherine Ramdeen, Jayde Nicole, André Dae Kim, Lyle Lettau, Nikki Gould, Shanice Banton, Craig Arnold, and Georges Laraque.

Read more with pictures at:

USA: Investigation by SEED Reveals Sick and Injured Cows Shocked with Electric Prods.

A recently released undercover investigation by animal protection group SEED reveals cows being kicked, shocked with electric prods, and left to die at a live animal auction. On top of the abuse, according to SEED, the investigator uncovered the possibly illegal removal of cow’s ID tags—which could disrupt the tracking of dangerous diseases.

Read the rest of the article; with video footage, by clicking on the following: