Day: November 9, 2020

Never forget that YOU make the difference

ALF Champion of the Night

Never forget why YOU do what you do.
Never forget why YOU could not do anything else than giving your voice to the weakest, the exploited, the enslaved, the forgotten, the lost, those who are in the dark.

Never forget that YOU are a bright light that shines far and wide in this society in which the people who stand up for the rights of ALL living beings are ridiculed, insulted, fought, ridiculed, and marginalized.
Never forget, even if YOU feel worn down, sad, alone, tired, and bruised that there are countless out there who are counting on YOU.

Never forget that it was YOU who escaped the ignorance, monotony, stupidity, brutality, and heartlessness of society and who have now taken the path of consistent nonviolence.

Never forget that it was YOU who tore the cloak of indifference that had wrapped itself coldly around your heart.

Never forget that the most important impetus for the development of modern societies has always come from those who have not gone with the flow; those who were brave enough wholeheartedly “No! Not in my name! ” to scream.

Never forget that YOU make the difference.

Night Champion
#animalliberationfront #streiterdernacht

What do I mean? the same thing!

My best regards to all, Venus

Denmark: ‘Mutant coronavirus’ seen before on mink farms, say scientists. The Price of a Fur Coat !

First – a must watch:

‘Mutant coronavirus’ seen before on mink farms, say scientists – BBC News


Photo- Getty Images.

Denmark Mink Murders – WAV posts:

‘Mutant coronavirus’ seen before on mink farms, say scientists – BBC News

Mink culling, Denmark

Photo – Getty Images.

Further news 09/11/20.

‘Mutant coronavirus’ seen before on mink farms, say scientists

A mutant form of coronavirus found in Danish mink has arisen before, scientists have revealed.

The mutated virus, which appears to have spread from animals to humans in Denmark, has been detected retrospectively at a mink farm in the Netherlands, according to a leading Dutch expert.

The mink were culled and the mutation did not infect humans there, he said.

Six countries have reported coronavirus outbreaks at mink farms.

They include the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Italy and the US.

Mink are known to be susceptible to Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, which can spread rapidly from animal to animal in mink farms.

Animals have become infected by farm workers during the pandemic, and have occasionally passed the virus on to humans, raising the risk of the virus acquiring mutations.

Danish scientists are worried that genetic changes in a mink-related form of the virus, infecting a dozen people, has the potential to make future vaccines less effective.

‘Mutant coronavirus’ seen before on mink farms, say scientists – BBC News

Mink at a farm in Denmark

Getty Images.

The genetic change is in the spike protein of the virus, which is important in the body’s immune response, and a key target for vaccines.

The Danish genome sequences were recently released on a public database, allowing scientists in other countries to look for evidence of the mutation.

Go to Sheet 2 to read more on this.

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“There Was a Killing”


On the morning of June 19th, 2020, seven activists from the love-based animal rights group Toronto Pig Save were demonstrating outside Sofina Foods’ Fearmans slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario.

What began as a peaceful vigil (giving water to pigs and offering them comfort moments before their death) and protest against “ag-gag” Bill 156 soon ended in horror for vegan activist Regan Russell.

Reagan Russel

It was a little after 10 am as another truck carrying pigs appeared on the horizon, but something was off. Though the truck would be turning right onto a service road, the driver remained in the left lane, not moving, holding up traffic for several light-cycles.

Russell, waiting at the crosswalk on the far side of the service road, eventually decided to join her companions. Suddenly, the truck lurched forward and the other activists heard a terrifying scream, but the driver kept going until security guards waved him down.

By then, 65-year old Regan Russell, a decades-long pioneer in Canadian animal rights activism had been dragged more than the entire length of the truck, and she was dead.

No criminal charges were brought against the driver due to the passing of Bill 156 just one day before, a statute designed to protect transporters from animal rights activists.

Dubbed an ag-gag, Bill 156 is an undemocratic and unconstitutional piece of legislation that allows force to be used against protesters. It also infringes on the right to assemble and criminalizes activists and whistleblowers working to expose violence against animals on farms, at slaughterhouses, and in transport trucks.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Shaun Monson (Earthlings, Unity), and featuring never-before-seen footage, “There Was a Killing” provides first-hand accounts and in-depth analysis from attorneys Robert Monson, Lisa Bloom, and David Simon exposing corruption and a cover-up that has allowed the animal agriculture industry to avoid the legal and economic consequences of their behavior through a law some may see as a license to kill.

Director: Shaun Monson
Producer: Shaun Monson
Release date: 2020
Running time: 28.29
Audio: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary


And I mean…After the negligent killing of animal rights activist Regan Russell, the meat mafia thought it would intimidate us.
That the demonstrations against animal suffering and the uncovering of the illegal conditions in the slaughterhouses would stop.

Not only have we not stopped, but we have been strengthened by her death.
We will not stop.

The meat-milk mafia who live on slavery and torture of animals, together with corrupt government circles that support them, they will be disappointed.

The violence from the city oligarchs will not force us to change sides.
We stay on the right side, we stay with the animals.

My best regards to all, Venus

The Absolute Worst of Cognitive Dissonance.

Thanks Stacey – regards Mark

The Absolute Worst of Cognitive Dissonance

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NOVEMBER 9, 2020

by Stacey

Please note that if you consume or use animals in any way, you should watch this video; there are a few brief, graphic parts, but they come with a warning so you can literally look away as you currently do. SL

Source Cosmic Skeptic YouTube

Cognitive Dissonance is the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change. There is one particular area in which this is especially present, and in which it constitutes the norm, rather than the exception.


‘Why It’s Time To Go Vegan’:

‘A Meat Eater’s Case For Veganism’:


[1] 7 billion male chicks killed each year:

[2] British male chicks ‘humanely gassed’:

[3] Treatment of UK dairy cows:

[4] Most pigs slaughtered in UK killed by gas chamber (page 6):

[5] Around six million calves killed per year in the EU for veal:

[6] Animal slaughter counter:

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Netherlands: Are EU Governments Getting Concerned ? – Dutch Minister Now Finally Wants a Ban on the Long-Distance Transport of Unweaned Calves.

PMAF Inv 5

From Lesley; activist campaigner and friend at ‘Eyes on Animals’ in the Netherlands.

Dear donors and friends,

Carola Schouten, the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, wants a ban on the long-distance transport of unweaned calves. She is committed to a European ban and will therefore urge the EU Agriculture Council to amend the European Transport Regulation. She also wants the ban to apply to animals destined for slaughter.

A ban would mean, among other things, that The Netherlands can no longer import unweaned calves from Ireland, Denmark, the Czech Republic and the Baltic states. There are tens of thousands of them on the roads every year.

The Minister is of the opinion that the welfare of unweaned calves suffers when they are transported over long journeys because they cannot be properly fed. At this age their diet consists only of milk, something that cannot be offered to them on board.

We can only agree with her. Eyes on Animals has trailed many trucks carrying unweaned calves from Ireland, Latvia and Lithuania in the past 10 years. Our investigations proved that animal-welfare laws were structurally violated: calves were on the road for too long and were not given any milk.

We also exposed, in collaboration with the French organization L214, serious physical abuse of young calves at a frequently used control post in France where Irish calves on their way to the Netherlands were unloaded to rest.

Eyes on Animals also revealed the poor condition Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian calves were in once they arrived at veal farms in The Netherlands, many of which were too weak and dehydrated to walk out of the trucks on their own and were instead dragged.

PMAF Inv 7


The footage from our inspections made it on the major international news channels and sites, such as Swedish news, The Times, Le Parisien, BBC, Hart van Nederland, RTE Prime Time (Ireland), and The Guardian. After each inspection, we also sent an extensive report of our observations and the violations documented by our teams to the responsible authorities, including the Dutch minister of Agriculture.

We are very pleased that the Minister is insisting that long-journeys for unweaned calves and animals destined for slaughter be phased out and wish her every success. We will continue to carry out our inspections unabated so that the authorities of other countries also push for an EU-wide ban.

Lesley Moffat
director Eyes on Animals

In the past, we also presented a big report to the EU regarding the live transportation of live calves between Ireland and mainland Europe; which as expected and proven, documented that calves were not being given the rest times and food required of them by EU laws.

Please read more on this by visiting   and the scrolling down to the photos of the calves as shown in the above.

Thank you

Regards Mark

Italy: A Wonderful Story to Watch – A Frozen Wolf With No Heartbeat Gets CPR From Fearless Couple; and Survives.

WAV Comment:  A wonderful story that shows the very best in people and what they will do to save an animal from death.  We give credit and solidarity to our amazing Italian rescuer friends.  Check out the video and link below for more information.

Frozen Wolf With No Heartbeat Gets CPR From Fearless Couple

Poor wolf was nearly frozen to death when he was found unable to move in an icy river in Italy.

A group of kind men waded out in the frigid waters to carry the ailing wolf to shore, a video posted to YouTube shows. As rescuers carry the wolf’s limp body up the embankment, it almost seems as though all hope for his survival is lost.

Wolf isn’t breathing, and they can’t find a heartbeat. People surround the wolf, trying to resuscitate him. A man stands over Navarre, with his hands over the wolf’s heart, trying to get it pumping again. A woman leans close to the wolf to see if there’s any sign of breath. She even tries to breathe life back into the wolf’s mouth.

Watching the footage, the attempt seems hopeless — until a miracle seems to happen: Wolf starts to breathe again. Rescuers set to work warming Navarre, putting him under a blanket and drying his fur with a hair dryer, as they transport him to a recovery centre. Wolf’s back legs were paralyzed from the cold. Along with the other strides he needed to make in recovery, he would need to relearn how to walk.

Howl together to achieve !

Regards Mark