Never forget that YOU make the difference

ALF Champion of the Night

Never forget why YOU do what you do.
Never forget why YOU could not do anything else than giving your voice to the weakest, the exploited, the enslaved, the forgotten, the lost, those who are in the dark.

Never forget that YOU are a bright light that shines far and wide in this society in which the people who stand up for the rights of ALL living beings are ridiculed, insulted, fought, ridiculed, and marginalized.
Never forget, even if YOU feel worn down, sad, alone, tired, and bruised that there are countless out there who are counting on YOU.

Never forget that it was YOU who escaped the ignorance, monotony, stupidity, brutality, and heartlessness of society and who have now taken the path of consistent nonviolence.

Never forget that it was YOU who tore the cloak of indifference that had wrapped itself coldly around your heart.

Never forget that the most important impetus for the development of modern societies has always come from those who have not gone with the flow; those who were brave enough wholeheartedly “No! Not in my name! ” to scream.

Never forget that YOU make the difference.

Night Champion
#animalliberationfront #streiterdernacht

What do I mean? the same thing!

My best regards to all, Venus

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