England: 11/02 – Shots From the Garden – Keep the Birds Well Fed In This Cold Snap.

I did a post recently about making sure all the garden birds are fed and watered during the Winter time:

England: Keep Our Birds Fed (and Watered) This Winter. – World Animals Voice

Well this week (8-13/2) it has been very cold here in England; with snow affecting everywhere and temperatures down to -22 degrees in the North.

Apart from my usual (above link) I have been doing extra food for our feathered friends – as they really need to take in food and extra fat to help them survive the very cold nights.

11/2 – A sunnier day today and nice to see everybody enjoying their food in the garden. Here are the Doves of Peace:

Mr Fox has been around also during the night – maybe it was the leftover cat food and slices of cake that he stopped off for iin the early ours.  He left his tracks in the snow as clear evidence that he had been around.  Note the pictures are not good as they were taken later in the morning when some of the snow was melting.

Below – Mr Fox leaves his tracks.

Image result for fox in snow
Photo – Media storehouse

But keep feeding your birds when you can; they need to put on reserves so that they can get through the night ok.  For us; it will be getting significantly warmer at the weekend; which will help the birds survive the night; but we will ensure they still get their daily feeds.

Here are a few shots from this morning of the ‘diners’; and the Red Legged Partridges sitting on the fence after they had fed up last evening.  They are looking really good !

Winter is a good time for spotting wildlife in your area.

Regards Mark

Below – the ‘Red Legers’ sit on the gate at nightfall after they have had their feed.

Below – a graphic of the Red Leg Partridge – from ‘Whatbird’ UK

Image result for red leg patridge

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