England: Keep Our Birds Fed (and Watered) This Winter.

Every single day before I have my breakfast; I go through what is a routine now – and that is getting the birds breakfast, and daily feed ready.

It normally takes well over half an hour – crushing Digestive biscuits, adding Museli, loads of wild bird seed, crushing up a fat block; grinding down loads of slices of bread; some cold rice boiled up the day before; cheese savoury biscuits crushed up; tiny chopped apple; Niger seed in the feeder for the Finches; I think that’s it !

All mixed together in a large plastic bowl, ready for the feathered visitors throughout the day.

Here are a few photos of what I prepared today – the fox mug is only to give an idea of size and quantity.  Our friends happily work their way through this all over the day.

And the reason for this is:

Please remember that the birds are cold and hungry first thing in the morning; so by giving them something to eat it gets them off to a better day.  Also, even though it may be freezing; try and make some fresh water available for them so that they can drink and bathe if required.

It may be only a small contribution and effort; but it keeps our garden visitors turning up each morning as they know they are going to get something nice to start their day.  This Winter; please look after the wild birds; help them survive !

You know what – once this is done, then I can have MY breakfast !!

Regards Mark

Robin crowned as UK's national bird: It's aggressive, vicious, but  peculiarly British | The Independent | The Independent

Above – Robin

Below – Finch

Garden finches at five-year high | Wildlife | The Guardian

Below – Wagtail (Ark Wildlife photo)

Pied Wagtail, Nest, Diet & Facts | Ark Wildlife UK

Below – Pheasant in the garden

Below – Doves (of Peace) in the garden

Below – Great spotted Woodpecker enjoys some peanuts

Below – Red Legged Partridges Enjoy some scoff !

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