Day: January 10, 2021

SAV and SAV Facebook. Animal Sites.

WAV Comment – Other sites founded by us in the past.

Please check them out if you have time.

SAV Facebook – shows tons relating to rescued animals in need of homes and veterinary care.

(17) Serbian Animals Voice | Facebook


SAV – founded in 2005 for Serbian stray animal protection.

Learn a lot here about Serbian Stray animals.

Click on the following for the site:

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) | a voice for the voiceless

Check them out if you have time.

Regards Mark

When animals need you, you have to take action

How to push a sheep!


These sheep in video need help.

If a sheep lies on its back in the pasture…then it needs your help
It can no longer get back on its own.
If nobody helps it, it will die relatively quickly
Reason: gases collect in the stomach and the animal bursts internally
Quick help is required, as follows:

1) regardless of whether the sheep is kicking or lying motionless … go to the pasture and check the situation

2) if the sheep is alive, stand behind its back and …
reaches into his wool with courage

3) roll it back to its feet with momentum
The sheep will not harm you and you cannot do anything wrong

By the way, you save not just one life … but usually two
Many of the sheep are pregnant or suckling lambs

And I can say: I did it too, and very often, because I live in the Black Forest and am surrounded by “farm”- animals.
It’s very easy.
The only thing to overcome is the feeling that you might hurt the sheep a bit if you pull its wool.
No problem! Sheep have a lot of space under their wool.
But even if it does … it will soon forget that as soon as it returns to its comrades.

regards and have a good night, Venus


OIPA is an Italian animal welfare organisation. See link below.




It is always a pleasure when we have to announce a new OIPA delegation, especially when the love and commitment for animals comes from countries that, despite the heavy difficulties faced daily by the local population, are still willing to dedicate precious time to the care and protection of animals.

Our International Representative organized a 3 Days Volunteers Recruitment Training session from 22 to 24 of December 2020 to involve people and manage at the end to engage 8 enthusiastic volunteers. The first day of the training was focused on the theme: “The Rights and Protection of Animals “; the second day, held in Kenema city, concerned on “How to Advocate for Animals Protection and Rights” and the third one was based on the topic “The Importance of Animals in Society“.

After the three days of the Volunteer Recruitment session, the team was already on site carrying on a three days session to raise community awareness on animal protection and rights in five communities of Kenema city, one of these was Nyadiama community, covering several households.

The first reaction of dwellers was at first suspicious and hesitant but they gradually became assertive and interested in the awareness process. The topic discussed was “Stop the Cruelty against Animals and Care for them” aimed to educate over the proper treatments and care of animals.

During the awareness sessions, the entire team has been directly involved in rescue operations as many homeless and street animals were found roaming around the communities and some of them clearly in need of help.

A dog, but it was not the only one as the volunteers have met many others along the way, and a sheep has been found homeless looking for food in the spoiled wasted garbage.

The team rescued them and found a home where good-hearted people decided to foster and take care of these lonely animals and thankfully the same has happened for a cat and a dog both with disabilities that were rescued by volunteers finding finally a new home.

Moreover, some other projects of the delegation include:

  • creation of a professional system aimed at serving as advocacy and advisory body to local and state government in laws and policies regulation concerning the rights and protection of animals
  • a research for data collection and evaluation with analysis to develop contents to present to the state government as educational tools helping the authorities to advance effective laws and policies regulation in the best interest of Animals’ rights and protection, included wildlife
  • conduct a mass national operation which intends to foster homeless animals,  removing the most problematic and with health diseases from the streets, and create shelters to care for them

Challenges for OIPA Sierra Leone’s team are many and tough, but volunteers have a great desire to operate on behalf of animal care and protection.


but the team needs your help and support.


             If you want to make a donation, you can specify “OIPA Sierra Leone”

USA: Stop Trump’s Last-Ditch Environmental Attacks. On Line Petition – Please Support.

WAV Comment – The USA has never been more divided than under Trump. A final attempt now by the loser that the world hates – “I am going to take my stumps home and sulk” as we say in UK; ‘stumps’ being cricket stumps; to attempt to ruin everyone’s game when you do not get exactly what you want; and sod everyone else.

This president (very soon not to be) is a loser and has spent millions trying to keep himself as the ‘Caligula’ that dominated ancient Rome. – “There are few surviving sources about the reign of Caligula, though he is described as a noble and moderate emperor during the first six months of his rule. After this, the sources focus upon his cruelty, sadism, extravagance, and sexual perversion, presenting him as an insane tyrant

Now, as he always has done in his endless deranged approach to environmental issues; NRDC inform us that he is making a last ditch attempt with environmental attacks; or taking his stumps home yet again !

Please use the ‘Take Action’ link below to add your name to putting this soon to be ex president where he belongs – far away in the deepest wild on his own; so that he can think back to why he lost the second term.  Maybe animal welfare and the environment just has a little bit to do with this ?



From NRDC:

Stop Trump’s Last-Ditch Environmental Attacks

In the final stretch of his presidency, Donald Trump and his administration are working furiously to sell off our public lands and waters, wreaking havoc on the climate and communities across the country. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Tongass National Forest, and thousands of acres of wildlands have all been put on the auction block for the highest bidder to dig, drill, and mine, which would extensively damage the environment and displace countless Indigenous communities. Demand that Trump and Interior Secretary David Bernhardt immediately halt these desperate, reckless attacks on our planet.


Stop Trump’s Last-Ditch Attacks on the Environment | NRDC

Take Action Wording:

In the final days of his presidency, Donald Trump is still wreaking havoc on our environment and communities — opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling for the first time in history, removing protections for Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, allowing more logging and drilling in National Forests, opening hundreds of thousands of acres of land across the west for oil and gas drilling, gutting essential safeguards for millions of birds, and more.

Tell Trump and Interior Secretary Bernhardt that you oppose their final desperate attempts to allow their big polluter allies to pillage public lands and waters and wipe out imperiled wildlife with impunity — and that you support President-elect Biden’s commitments to undo Trump’s reckless actions as soon as he’s sworn in.

Please sign the petition to shut this madmans actions up.

German factory farming: a “life” in the own shit

ARIWAAnimal Rights Watch e.V.-Report

Disturbing images from the end of November 2020 show how hundreds of pigs, with their extremely sensitive noses, sleep, eat, drink and die in a pathetically smelly mixture of their own feces and urine.

They stand and lie inches deep in their own droppings

The explosive: The conditions have been known to the veterinary office since November and still exist because the technical problems that caused them have not yet been resolved (!!!)
The operation continues as normal without the animals concerned having at least been housed elsewhere.
It is unbelievable and yet everyday life in German “animal production”.

Image: ARIWA

The veterinary office knows about the conditions and has been on-site several times. Even so, it doesn’t even order the animals to be housed elsewhere.

As almost always in pig fattening, the animals suffer from necrosis due to bitten tails, open wounds, umbilical hernias, and eye infections.
The omnipresent excrement makes the infections worse.

Image: ARIWA

In one corridor of the plant, there is even no cover for the slurry basin: Apparently, nobody cares that pigs can fall into it and drown in agony.

Image: ARIWA

The head injuries of many animals in the carcass house also suggest that sick pigs are regularly killed here with a bolt shot in the head – which ARIWA has already documented many times in other companies.

Image: ARIWA

These pictures show once more: Even the absurdly low statutory minimum standards are not enforced in the animal industry. The only solution to end this millionfold suffering is a consistent move away from animal products.

Ein „Leben“ im eigenen Kot

And I mean… “The only solution to end this millionfold suffering is a consistent move away from animal products”…

This is a solution that will take hundreds of years to become a reality. The world will never go totally vegan and is not willing to end this millionfold suffering in the immediate future.

But until then, the guilty must be punished.

We also don’t forgive a murderer because we wait for all people to understand that murder is not good.

And the slogan … but that’s the animal industry, it happens everywhere … it doesn’t help the animals and neither does us. Wherever it happens, it is a crime and must be punished.

And if the veterinary office doesn’t do it, then we gather in front of the fattening facility and demand that it be closed.

Of course, factory farming is excruciating in every form of keeping.

But until this society has understood it and ceases to support this system, criminals in animal production and their state lobbyists must be shown and punished according to the law.

My best regards to all, Venus

Eurogroup for Animals: Our ‘Stop Pandemics – Start here’ campaign.

Our ‘Stop Pandemics – Start here’ campaign

9 June 2020

Eurogroup for Animals

Want to help Stop Pandemics and make Europe a safer and better place for animals and humans?

As of 11th June, our 70 Member Organisations in 25 EU Member States will be calling on their MEPs to integrate our recommendations for the EU Green Deal’s Farm-to-Fork and Biodiversity to 2030 strategies. Released on 20th May, both strategies contain positive points that suggest the European Commission is ready to take action for animals – but will they deliver the concrete changes the EU needs to move away from intensive farming and the exploitation of wild animals and their habitats? 

During the preparation of the strategies, the COVID-19 pandemic offered a timely reminder that devastating results can come from the way we trade, farm and keep animals. Wild and domestic animals have carried viruses and bacteria for millennia, but what has changed is the way we humans interact with them. The legal and illegal wildlife trade, urbanisation and the destruction of wildlife’s natural habitats for agricultural purposes, especially for the intensification of animal farming, are combining to push humans, wildlife and other animals closer than ever before – and heightening the risk of pandemics like the one we’re suffering now.

The European Parliament will now respond to the Farm-to-Fork and Biodiversity to 2030 strategies with two Own Initiative Reports – and this is our opportunity to further influence the implementation of the two strategies into concrete actions. With this new phase of our ‘Stop Pandemics – Start here’ campaign, we want to make sure citizens’ voices are heard at this crucial moment for animals. 

“animals are my friend and i don’t eat my friends”


“I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals, as surely as savage tribes have left off eating each other when they came in contact with the more civilized.” (Henry David Thoreau)

Yes, we agree!
The “devaluation of animals” is what gives us humans the right to eat them.
Every day that you eat animals is a day that you sacrifice other beings.
Second hand, by order
Animals are tortured and killed so that we can eat them.
This is immoral, pollutes the environment, and is harmful to health.
These are not opinions, they are facts
It depends on me, on you, on all of us to change that.
Morality can be learned

My best regards to all, Venus