Day: January 14, 2021

The barbaric spectacle with Thailand’s boxing orangutans

In Thailand, orangutans are forced to box
On the outskirts of Bangkok, there is a popular tourist attraction that organizes boxing matches between orangutans.
The best known is certainly Safari World, a huge amusement park and zoo.

A swarm of crowds and tourists interested in this violent “sport” gather at Safari World to watch orangutans punch in a boxing match.

Foto: animal. press

The barbaric spectacle lasts about half an hour.
Then winners and losers are brought back to their dark cages. And the next animals fight in the ring.
Orangutans, the acutely endangered species of the great apes – these precious creatures are abused in Asia for amusement in kickboxing shows.

Thailand’s government officially banned this serious violation of animal welfare in 2004.
But money is still being made with the undignified monkey fun.
The great apes are scared and intimidated.
Often they are tortured with electric shocks, ill-treated with lighted cigarettes, or beaten if they do not follow training instructions.

The orangutans are required to wear boxing gloves and shorts and are trained to hit each other for entertainment
Between the “fighting rounds”, a female orangutan enters the scene, wearing a bikini on which the number of rounds is displayed.

Similar to human boxing matches. The difference, however, is that humans fight voluntarily, but orangutans are forced to do so.

The rule is: There are only two ways to turn a wild animal into an attraction: with pain or hunger.
Both methods are used from an early age of the animals.
Orangutans are trained there with violence, beatings, and food deprivation.
They are disguised and made up and they perform boxing matches for stupid tourists, play the number girl or become laughing numbers in the shows.

Geschmuggelt, gedemütigt, geschlagen: Retten Sie mit uns die vergessenen Orang-Utans in Thailand | Borneo Orangutan Survival
They have to make funny faces with tourists for photos or are allowed to be fed sweets
The animals are sexualized, display unnatural behaviors, and convey a completely wrong image of wild animals.
The worst is: also for children.

Yes! this is a huge business in Asia, not just in Thailand, which would not even exist without the illegal wildlife trade.
Wildlife trade is big business.
The prohibited trade in protected animals and their products ranks fourth in the world in organized crime behind drug trafficking, human trafficking, and product piracy.
Sales are estimated to be at least $ 10 billion a year.

Warum vom Aussterben bedroht
In theory, convicted smugglers face several years in prison. In practice, however, there must first be an indictment.
But it rarely has any chance of success.
Usually, this kind of thing comes to nothing – depending on how influential the accused is …
Against the Pata Zoo z. B. there have already been several national and international attempts to close it.
It didn’t do anything.
The zoo and its residents are still there.

It is an indictment of our society that such cruel and exploitative treatment of animals is used for the so-called “entertainment” of tourists.
And one has to be very stupid (or uncivilized) to believe that these wild animals enjoy such torture and humiliation.

My best regards to all, Venus