Day: January 18, 2021

Can we learn something from crisis?

“We are living in difficult times, suffering confinements, unable to enjoy our families. Many people feel overwhelmed, despair, anxious, stress …
All this, has made you think about how the animals used in the fur industry feel?

All these animals feel the same as you, and they suffer from birth to death.

They live locked up in these cages exposed to inclement weather, hunger, thirst, and loneliness, all their lives, all the time.

Don’t get dressed with their lives”!

Text: Animal Equality

And I would say… that we haven’t learned anything from the Corona catastrophe.
Because we don’t have the same level of suffering as the other animals.
Despite restrictions, we still live on the sunny side of capitalism and decide – as before -about the cruel life and death of millions of other animals.
We are habitual criminals.

Regards and good night, Venus

Germany: “congestion” in the pig stable!!

There are a million pigs in German stables that are to be slaughtered!!!

The overhang of pigs that have not been slaughtered in Germany is becoming more and more threatening.
The pig farmers’ stables are bursting at the seams. There is a lack of slaughter capacities.

Due to the failure of large German slaughterhouses due to the Corona crisis, due to the lack of workers, and due to stricter hygiene rules, the entire system is about to collapse !!

The sows throw new piglets every day, while the farmers don’t get rid of their pigs when they are ready for slaughter.
Another problem: the animals are getting heavier. The optimal slaughter weight is around 92 to 105 kilograms per animal.
If the pigs are heavier, the price goes down. And the additional feed costs extra.

The Agriculture Minister of Lower Saxony, Otte-Kinast, pointed out the psychological strain on the farmers (!!!) affected by the pig jam:

“The desperation is huge,” she says.
In one week alone, 165,000 fewer pigs are slaughtered than in the previous year. These animals must continue to be fed and they also do not make room for piglets that are also accumulating.

Pig congestion is still the main problem for the pig market in Germany, with around 680,000 pigs recently – and this also has a very negative effect on the particularly closely linked markets in the Netherlands and Belgium.

“We can’t get the compartments cleared fast enough. That’s why we’re currently on a collision course with animal welfare,” says a farmer.
This is a consequence of the corona pandemic (???).

The slaughterhouses have cut their production significantly for months. At Tönnies, for example, the number of battles fell to around 70 percent of the pre-pandemic era.
Since then one speaks of a “pig congestion”.,zursache2308.html

And I mean…“The economic consequences for the pig farmers are catastrophic”.
If it is not possible to murder, then that is «threatening».
Only the economic consequences for the animal exploiter are important, the fellow-creature is totally unimportant.

The farmers complained months ago that they are sitting on 500,000 pigs that urgently need to be slaughtered.

If you know that the average time a pig mother is carried is 114 days, why not pull the ripcord at 500,000 pigs?
Why was insemination continued and thus piglets “produced”?

These intelligent, pain-sensitive, social creatures are entitled to an average of six months before they are sent to death by suffocation.

Consumer goods can certainly be produced in advance, but Not living beings!
Now the farmers are complaining again because they lose a lot of money for each pig that is fed too long and no longer corresponds to the normal slaughter weight!

If the “business” doesn’t pay off anymore, get out, and plant potatoes, or do some agriculture.

There are now organizations that even help to get out.

That would mean a revolutionary change in the world

My best regards to all, Venus

Petitions – and South Korean Dog Meat Actions.

Hi all; here are a few petitions which need your support if possible – Thanks and regards – Mark:

Badly Injured Dog Reportedly Dragged Behind Speeding Car Deserves Justice

Petition Link – Badly Injured Dog Reportedly Dragged Behind Speeding Car Deserves Justice – Animal Petitions

Target: Gizat Nurdauletov, Kazakhstan Prosecutor General

Goal: Give person who reportedly dragged dog behind moving car the toughest sentence punishable by law.

A dog was allegedly tied to the back of a car and forcibly dragged as its driver sped down the road. Kazakhstan police have not named the suspect involved. However, he was detained and is now being questioned by authorities. This person needs to be put behind bars for the maximum amount of time if it is found he committed this unthinkable act of animal cruelty.

Video footage appears to show the dog being dragged behind a moving car with a trail of blood following his injured body. A witness told police that they honked their horn until the driver finally stopped. After the witness asked the motorist why they were mistreating the animal, he allegedly picked up the dog and threw the animal inside his boot before leaving the scene.

The dog was swiftly taken to a veterinary clinic to receive treatment after the suspect was detained. The animal reportedly needs to take pain killers to sustain any quality of life. Sign this petition to demand the person allegedly responsible for this blatant act of animal cruelty be given the longest prison sentence possible.


Dear Prosecutor General Nurdauletov,

An unnamed suspect was recently detained for tying a dog to the back of his car and then speeding down the road,  dragging the helpless animal behind him. He needs to be given the strictest sentence under the law if it is found he committed this horrific crime.

The alleged incident was captured on dash camera. The driver was allegedly going so fast that it would have been impossible for the animal to run behind the car. Instead, the poor dog was dragged and badly injured. Witnesses described a trail of blood left in his wake.

The dog fortunately lived and was treated for his injuries. However, the wounds were reportedly so bad that the dog will experience prolonged pain and suffering. We therefore demand you suggest the person allegedly responsible receive the most stringent sentence allowed by law if it is found he committed this heartless act of animal abuse.


[Your Name Here]


Petition link – PETITION: Justice for Dolphin Beaten to Death With Axes and Sticks (

SIGN: Justice for Dolphin Beaten to Death With Axes and Sticks

PETITION TARGET: Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar

India’s Ganges River turned red with blood as a group of attackers beat a critically endangered and protected Gangetic dolphin to death with wooden rods and an axe.

Disturbing video footage captured by a witness shows one of the men yelling, “Hit it now, hit it now” and the attackers then holding the dolphin’s head underwater until he drowned. A local official later found the dolphin floating dead, with multiple lacerations and other wounds to its body, The Guardian reported.

The highly threatened Gangetic dolphin population is now an estimated 1,800 or less, and they are moving alarmingly closer to extinction.

Police in Uttar Pradesh arrested three suspects in connection with this horrifying act of cruelty. Several others who may have been involved in the senseless killing are reportedly still free.

Anyone who assisted in bludgeoning and suffocating this defenseless dolphin must answer for their actions.

Sign this petition urging Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar to push authorities to thoroughly investigate this appalling crime, use all available resources to find and charge any yet-unidentified suspects, and prosecute all perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.

Korean cat and dog meat

Above Photo: Dogs are frozen to death in South Korea’s dog meat farmsKorea Animal Welfare Association(KAWA)..

Despite the fact that dog and cat meat consumption is an everyday occurrence and is being carried out all over South Korea, it is NOT LEGAL in that country. Their Government does nothing to stop this illegal practice and they seem happy to ignore it; many Korean citizens are just as apathetic and must also be held accountable.

This is the 21st Century, and it is high time that all South Koreans, leaders and general public alike, stand up and take responsibility to enforce their own country’s laws. South Korea and South Koreans cannot continue to ignore these brutal and unethical trades, so let us campaign to urge each of South Korea’s cities to enforce their laws and to put an immediate end to these illegal dog and cat meat trades. 

The e-People petition is the South Korean government’s official petition site and your petition will receive a response from the Korean government. Anyone from all countries can file a petition using the e-People petition.  It’s quite simple to file e-People petitions, but you can find help on (1) how to file e-People petition and (2) how to check the status of your e-People petitions on our website.

Read the full newsletter with plenty of actions at:

Further Action

Please click on the following link to see loads of other petitions which you can support; go to:

India: More Greats From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’. January 2021.

We are in regular contact with Erika at AAU; and are always amazed at the work that is done by the AAU crew to help suffering animals. Here are a few of the latest videos that have been sent to us. We wish them growing success, and may all their fantastic work continue – one day soon it will be across ALL India !

Regards Mark

You’ve probably heard the song that goes, “What the world, needs now, is love sweet love”? It was written in the 1960s but it’s certainly still true. While the world battles the pandemic and plenty of political chaos, the animals here have, every moment, reminded us that the most enduring, stabilizing and beautiful fact is that love works. It supports, soothes, heals and energizes all of us.

No surprise that chickens, too, thrive with love, when it is expressed as a safe place, plentiful food, fresh air, and friends. Happy New Year from our rescued rooster Rockstar, who joins us all in thanking you for your love, sweet love, which the world needs now, and which you give us every day.

Butterfly’s eyes seem to speak as her healing begins.

Someone noticed a donkey in a field whosebone was exposed from a devastating friction wound, made worse by maggots. Our rescuers found that she flinched when approached, telling us that she didn’t trust people.During her first treatment, she lay perfectly still, her expression fearful and defeated.

Her eyes conveyed so much, it is hard to summarize in just a word. They held anguish, resignation, fatigue. But they also radiated kindness, announcing her profound sweetness. As soon as we eased her pain with medicine, stabilizing bandages and a splint, her glow of life brightened–you could just see it. Watch this girl, so inward and dejected at the start, unfurl her beautiful wings and beam with life as she heals.

We call her Butterfly. You’ll see why. Please donate

2020 was also a beautiful year!

Watch this short video about the GOOD you helped achieve

(16) Watch | Facebook

Every loving moment we shared with animals in 2020 refreshed our hearts and gave us so much strength. The animals awakened our humor, and filled us with energy to do our best each day. Even though the pandemic made it a difficult year, the animals and your extraordinary help through thick and thin, kept us going strong.

We’ll keep it going in 2021 with your help. Make a donation today!

A paralysed dog growled and barked, but patience brought the sweetest reward.

We don’t know what caused this sweetheart’s injury.His spine was hurt and he could not stand. His legs were limp, and someone had loosely tied them together; we don’t know why. It seemed he had a story to tell. At first, rigid with pain, he merely endured his initial assessment, but ate with so much relaxed enthusiasm that we named him Comfy.

Some time later, though, feeling a bit better, he let us know that perhaps we had named him “Comfy” too soon. He told us we were not welcome to touch him. He growled. He barked. And he kept it up for a while. We knew that without physiotherapy he might never walk again, but how could we manage it if he wouldn’t let us touch him?

Watch Comfy’s transition from paralysed and frustrated to becoming fully mobile, happy and finally…a comfy bundle of love. 

Kindness changes outcomes.

Please donate

Spotlight on the team   One of the gems in our midst is Deepak Nath.

He joined the team as a care-giver a year ago and doesn’t pass by an animal without giving a cuddle.   You know someone is incredibly special when on their days off from work they bring injured animals they’ve found to Animal Aid for treatment.

One of the gems in our midst is Deepak Nath. He joined the team as a care-giver a year ago and doesn’t pass by an animal without giving a cuddle.
You know someone is incredibly special when on their days off from work they bring injured animals they’ve found to Animal Aid for treatment

Most of the people we hire for the role of care-giver have never before worked with animals.

While this can pose a challenge for us it also gives us hope when we see how people from all different backgrounds can take on animal protection as a way of life.   Click here for latest positions from Emergency Call Attendant to Veterinary Doctor for residents of India.

England: Major Job Now Completed !


Update – UL Live Export Consultation.

Last night, 17/1, I completed and submitted to the UK government our responses regarding the proposed ban on live animal exports from the UK.  Almost immediately I was informed that our submission had been accepted by the Ministry and would join others for the final review.


England: Full Info on the UK Ban Live Exports Consultation. Finishes End of Jan 2021. – World Animals Voice

UK: Live Exports (Ban) Consultation. – World Animals Voice

Our response, once completed, comprised of 41 written pages of written text; without any photos but with video footage and also links to past media coverage on specific issues.

I am not going to show our responses here on this site; as some of the data relates to specific investigative operations undertaken in the past, which we do not want to make them public.  In the information provided to the government we have requested that our information be kept private and confidential; only to be reviewed by the government; and not openly presented to wider audiences as it could have been.  Again, we have had confirmation of this request.

As you probably know by now; live animal transport is my major ‘hate’ in this animal abuse world.  It has taken me personally 32 years of activism to get to the situation we are now at – and with stories from 32 years stored away (in my still functioning head I think ?) there is a lot of info to look back at and select as important.  Saying that, the aim of the response to the government is to get a ban on live animal transport this year; and I feel confident / hopeful that in the end we will succeed.  I know that several other personal contacts in the ‘animal rights world’ are also making submissions at this time; so hopefully we can look for change in the near future.

As a member state of the EU; and despite the vast majority wishes of most UK citizens for a ban to be introduced for many years; the British government was banned (by the EU) from introducing a ban on live animal exports.  As the UK broke away from the EU completely at the end of last year (2020); it can now take back its own control and have its own laws on issues – and the potential ban on live transport is one of them.

This does not mean that we now forget the tens of thousands of animals in transport across the EU; and the fact that many of them are evading EU regulations to end up being ritually slaughtered (against EU legislation) in places such as Lebanon and Libya.  We will continue to work as always with our EU friends to ensure that combined, we get the very best we can for the animals.

Review some of our past posts on the subject here – Search Results for “live animal transport” – World Animals Voice

I am now glad that task is completed and I can get onto to other things.

Regards Mark

Here are just a small selection of photos I have taken on this disgusting business over the years:

Below – exposing French calves being imported into the UK (a scam) to obtain compensation payouts by the UK government which should have only been made to British industry only ! – things turned real nasty after I took this photo; we caught them and they did not take kindly – but then few things in life are ever perfect !

Above – British calves being exported by the Dutch to the ‘crate’ systems.

Below – Mrs ‘Plod’ makes sure I behave !

Above – Protesting against the calf trade with Ellie and Liza

Above – and below – Crated calves in the EU

‘Eyes on Animals’ – NL.

Above – A transporter driver sends us his best regards !

England: Another Terrible Loss – John Callaghan. – World Animals Voice

Below – great export mate ‘Mike’; now passed.

Above – You bet they are worth fighting for !

Fight for the better ways !

Regards Mark