England: Major Job Now Completed !


Update – UL Live Export Consultation.

Last night, 17/1, I completed and submitted to the UK government our responses regarding the proposed ban on live animal exports from the UK.  Almost immediately I was informed that our submission had been accepted by the Ministry and would join others for the final review.


England: Full Info on the UK Ban Live Exports Consultation. Finishes End of Jan 2021. – World Animals Voice

UK: Live Exports (Ban) Consultation. – World Animals Voice

Our response, once completed, comprised of 41 written pages of written text; without any photos but with video footage and also links to past media coverage on specific issues.

I am not going to show our responses here on this site; as some of the data relates to specific investigative operations undertaken in the past, which we do not want to make them public.  In the information provided to the government we have requested that our information be kept private and confidential; only to be reviewed by the government; and not openly presented to wider audiences as it could have been.  Again, we have had confirmation of this request.

As you probably know by now; live animal transport is my major ‘hate’ in this animal abuse world.  It has taken me personally 32 years of activism to get to the situation we are now at – and with stories from 32 years stored away (in my still functioning head I think ?) there is a lot of info to look back at and select as important.  Saying that, the aim of the response to the government is to get a ban on live animal transport this year; and I feel confident / hopeful that in the end we will succeed.  I know that several other personal contacts in the ‘animal rights world’ are also making submissions at this time; so hopefully we can look for change in the near future.

As a member state of the EU; and despite the vast majority wishes of most UK citizens for a ban to be introduced for many years; the British government was banned (by the EU) from introducing a ban on live animal exports.  As the UK broke away from the EU completely at the end of last year (2020); it can now take back its own control and have its own laws on issues – and the potential ban on live transport is one of them.

This does not mean that we now forget the tens of thousands of animals in transport across the EU; and the fact that many of them are evading EU regulations to end up being ritually slaughtered (against EU legislation) in places such as Lebanon and Libya.  We will continue to work as always with our EU friends to ensure that combined, we get the very best we can for the animals.

Review some of our past posts on the subject here – Search Results for “live animal transport” – World Animals Voice

I am now glad that task is completed and I can get onto to other things.

Regards Mark

Here are just a small selection of photos I have taken on this disgusting business over the years:

Below – exposing French calves being imported into the UK (a scam) to obtain compensation payouts by the UK government which should have only been made to British industry only ! – things turned real nasty after I took this photo; we caught them and they did not take kindly – but then few things in life are ever perfect !

Above – British calves being exported by the Dutch to the ‘crate’ systems.

Below – Mrs ‘Plod’ makes sure I behave !

Above – Protesting against the calf trade with Ellie and Liza

Above – and below – Crated calves in the EU

‘Eyes on Animals’ – NL.

Above – A transporter driver sends us his best regards !

England: Another Terrible Loss – John Callaghan. – World Animals Voice

Below – great export mate ‘Mike’; now passed.

Above – You bet they are worth fighting for !

Fight for the better ways !

Regards Mark

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