USA: Investigation Into ‘Harris Beef’ By DxE.

Hi Mark,

We just released a new investigation into Harris Beef, the slaughterhouse used by Harris Ranch, which is the largest cow feedlot on the West Coast. Harris claims their slaughter facilities were designed to be humane with curving chutes so the cows can’t see the danger ahead. But DxE’s hidden camera footage is showing the world the truth: terrified cows trying to escape from the slaughter line before they are systematically killed and butchered.

And the cruelty is growing. The Harris slaughterhouse is currently constructing several new buildings to expand its operations and increase its death toll. This is why we need a moratorium on factory farms and slaughterhouses right away. ­ ­

Watch and share the breaking exposé on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

DxE launched the No More Factory Farms campaign to combat the expansion of animal agriculture in California. We’re exposing the biggest animal abusers, mobilizing people throughout the state to take bold action, and creating the momentum for a moratorium that prohibits the construction or expansion of factory farms and slaughterhouses – first in California and then beyond.

DxE is funded entirely by people like you. And for the next 48 hours, all new $20+ monthly donors will receive a No More Factory Farms shirt as a thank you gift. Show your support for this campaign by becoming a monthly donor today.

Cassie ­ ­

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