EU: You Have Sidelined It For Decades; Now You Have To Address the Reality of EU Live Animal Exports. Continue to Ignore If You Wish, But It Will Be At Your Peril.

WAV Comment:  The ‘Mirror’ is a daily nation newspaper in the UK.  The scandal of the ‘Elbeik’ now calls on the EU to BAN live animal exports.

Now that the UK is free from the dragknuckles who run the EU, it is moving forward with legislation to ban live animal exports from the UK.  There was recently a consultation on the issue, of which we contributed over 46 A4 pages of evidence in relation to getting the ban.  The responses from all contributors (pro and anti export) are currently being revied at Defra; but we are very confident that a UK live animal export ban is now really starting to take initial steps.

Sadly for the animals, the EU has always attempted to avoid the subject like the plague; inventing investigations, reports and a lot more as delaying tactics to really addressing the issue.  The EU talks the talk but does nothing when it comes to changes even though it is provided with untold evidence.

Now with the experiences of the Karim Allah, the Elbeik, and more than 20 livestock carrying ships stuck in the Suez Canal; the EU has to follow the go it alone UK and start to address this issue with priority.

EU citizens have been calling for a ban for decades; it is only self opinionated politicians who ignore the issue; now this is a prime issue and they can ignore yet again, but it will be at their peril.

Regards Mark

The EU must follow Britain’s lead and ban the horrific livestock trade that causes so much suffering – Mirror Online


Above – Conditions for animals on the ‘Elbeik;.


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