EU: You Have Sidelined It For Decades; Now You Have To Address the Reality of EU Live Animal Exports. Continue to Ignore If You Wish, But It Will Be At Your Peril.

The umbrella organisation Euro Group for Animals, which includes the RSPCA, says: “The nightmare of the animals on board the Elbeik, as well as the ones transported by the Karim Allah, clearly shows that animal welfare cannot be guaranteed during long-distance journeys and that, in case of crises, interventions are impossible or ineffective, especially when it comes to export outside the EU.

“We call on the European Commission to investigate this case and hold parties accountable for violating relevant EU animal health and welfare law, as well as maritime safety ones. 

“Additionally, we call on the EU institutions to use the revision of the Transport Regulation to put an end to long-distance transport of live animals and favour a meat/carcasses and genetic material trade over live transport.”

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